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4 Tips to Plan the Best Fall Family Mountain Biking Adventure

4 Tips to Plan the Best Fall Family Mountain Biking Adventure

Fall is the perfect time to take your family time outdoors. The air is fresh and it’s not so hot! The bugs are gone, and the changing leaves are beautiful. Just imagine riding your mountain bikes through spectacular hardwood forests, spending quality time together.

What to Expect on Your Family Mountain Biking Adventure

Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints

Apply some basic rules of the bike trails when mountain biking. The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has a great pledge for responsible riding.

  • Respect the landscape
  • Share the trail
  • Ride open, legal trails
  • Ride in control
  • Plan ahead
  • Mind the animals

Be Prepared With the Right Equipment

To help your family mountain biking adventure go smoothly, be sure to get all the right equipment. Buy quality new or used equipment or rent mountain bikes from Haliburton Forest. Be sure your bikes and helmets are properly sized for each rider. Helmets are mandatory for adults and children and are provided with our rentals.

“I always make sure to pack snacks, repair kit, water, and a bathing suit to ensure I experience a great ride!” – Haliburton Forest mountain biking guest.

What to Pack for Mountain Biking Ontario:

Leave the trails better than you found them. Be sure to bring any litter you create back with you for proper disposal.

5 Items to Pack for Your Family Mountain Biking Adventure

  1. Water
  2. Litter-less snacks
  3. Athletic clothes (comfortable fit, but not too loose or they will get caught in brush, trees, or your bike)
  4. Repair kit
  5. Bathing suits (there are over 100 lakes at Haliburton Forest)

Check out our Essential Family Packing List for more tips on packing for your outdoor experience.

Haliburton Forest has over 300 km of family friendly mountain biking trails, which are nullregularly maintained for optimal safety and enjoyment. Each trail is rated as easy, moderate, or difficult to help you choose the trail that is right for your family. Join other nature-lovers like yourselves to enjoy a quiet bike ride through the forest or head off on your own – with so many trails, you’ll have a new adventure each time you visit.

To be sure you know what to expect on the trails, download the Interactive Trail Map to your device, and check trail conditions before you start.

Haliburton Forest’s Family Adventure Package Is Perfect for Mountain Biking in Ontario

Visit Haliburton Forest for a day, overnight, or a whole week. We offer a wide range of convenient amenities on site. Cook at your campsite or holiday unit, or let The Cookhouse restaurant take care of your dining needs. In between mountain bike rides, check out the many other activities at Haliburton Forest and shop for souvenirs or gifts. Handmade on site from wood sustainably harvested in our own forest, our custom paddles make unique gifts. Choose from a variety of species, grips, lengths, blade types, and customization options to make the paddle truly your own. With our modern laser-based machine we can engrave your paddle with any graphic or text of your choice. You won’t be able to find paddles like these anywhere else.

Check out these 5 tips to help you have the best mountain bike holidays ever. Then grab your mountain bike or rent one from us, and book your family adventure package today.

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