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4 Ways to Boost Enjoyment of Your Snowmobile Rentals

4 Ways to Boost Enjoyment of Your Snowmobile Rentals

You finally have some time off. You want to pack up, and head out in search of the perfect snowmobile trails for a winter adventure. Are you imagining fresh powder? 

It sparkles in the air, fluttering to the ground as evergreens bow with the weight of it after a great snowfall. And here’s how you can experience it best: your heart racing in time with the roar of a well-tuned engine. The trail stretching out in front of you, curving off into the bush. Consider this your official invitation to either bring your snowmobile to 300 km of trails with reliable snow (between both Ottawa and Toronto - it’s a great meeting place) or to book snowmobile rentals and begin a new adventure.

Here are 4 Ways to Optimize Your Winter Adventure (& Snowmobiling Experience)

1) Ideal Weather Conditions

This one may seem a bit out of your hands, but pick a destination that has a higher annual snowfall and longer cold season to get a more complete winter adventure - and better snowmobile rental experience.

Located at the top of the Algonquin Dome, Haliburton Forest benefits from consistent, reliable snowfall year after year, as well as seasonal temperatures between -4 and -18°C, which means when snow falls, it stays on the trails.

Lots of snow on the trails means that you avoid the disappointment of arriving with the family and finding out the trails are closed. It’s also easier on your machine when you aren’t hitting a lot of rocks and roots with your track.

Don’t leave it to chance! To ensure the best possible winter adventure, keep your eye on current trail conditions daily. Book snowmobile rentals (and onsite accommodation) online 24/7. It’s easy to make additional bookings - in case more friends decide to join you.

2) Quality Equipment

You want to spend your time rushing the trails, not worried about a breakdown. New model Ski Doos, available for rent, are waiting for you at Haliburton Forest. Snowmobile rentals include one full tank of gas to get you out on the trails more quickly.

In addition to your sled, you need a helmet and warm, waterproof clothing. Rent all the gear you need for your winter adventure, from helmets to boots, onsite with Haliburton Forest’s snowmobile equipment rentals, or bring your own equipment.

3) Well-Maintained Trails

Snowmobile rentals include your trail pass, with access to an extensive network of over 300 km of snow-ready, safe, and well-groomed snowmobile trails. These well-developed and carefully maintained trails will provide hours of enjoyment.

Haliburton Forest limits the number of passes to 100 per day, which means that you spend your time sledding, not waiting in line ups.

With over 100, 000 acres at Haliburton Forest, that’s one snowmobile rider per 1,000 acres.

There’s a great mix of double-track trails (where 2 machines can ride side by side and pass each other) and single-track trails (which are narrow, winding through the bush) and lakes to zip across.Snomobilers at Base Camp-1.jpg

All trails are tied into the lakes to provide a diverse experience with a variety of scenery to be enjoyed.

Most snowmobiling relies on frozen lakes for trail connection but the lakes may not freeze until later in the season. At Haliburton Forest, our dry land trails (wide and narrow) get you out snowmobiling earlier in the season (well before our 100 lakes on site are frozen). When that first snowfall hits, bring your own snow machine or book the number of snowmobile rentals you need online at Haliburton Forest.

4) All-Inclusive Destination

On your next winter vacation, you’re going to want to spend more time riding the trails, drinking hot chocolate by the fire in your room to relax afterwards - and certainly less time planning the details, figuring out what to eat, or searching for restaurants or accommodations. With The Cookhouse Restaurant at Base Camp and overnight accommodations in your choice of log cabins or holiday units, you’ll never have to look far for rest and refreshment.

Even better, when you stay overnight, in our clean, comfortable accommodations, you receive a $49 discount on your snowmobile rentals.

Be sure to bring your camera to take advantage of the great photo ops. Out on the trail, or in the Wolf Centre, post away on your memories - if you’d like, we can amplify your message if you tag us.

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Check Snowmobiling Off Your Bucket List at Haliburton Forest

With ideal weather conditions, quality equipment, well-maintained trails and the amenities of an all-inclusive destination, Haliburton Forest is the perfect place to plan your next snowmobile adventure. So grab your trail map and safety gear, and head out for a winter adventure.

For more bucket list worthy Haliburton Forest activities, download The Ultimate Outdoor Experience Bucket List: 17 Things You Must Do Outdoors This Year.

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