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Angler’s Delight: Awesome Fishing Trips at Haliburton Forest

Angler’s Delight: Awesome Fishing Trips at Haliburton Forest

We’re happy to argue that fishing is one of the most relaxing activities that the outdoors has to offer. If the fish aren’t biting, it can also potentially be the most frustrating! But that’s all part of the magic of fishing trips: the thrilling victory of the catch.

You can try your skill, luck, or perhaps a bit of both while fishing the angler’s delight of Haliburton Forest. With more than 100 lakes, the forest offers remote, scenic fishing experiences in a protected wilderness. Regardless of whether you’re visiting with colleagues, friends, or family, fishing at Haliburton Forest is sure to satisfy your hunger for the great outdoors and help you reel in your next great catch.

Plan Fishing Trips at Any Time of Year

Haliburton Forest wouldn’t be called an angler’s delight if you couldn’t fish year round. While some seasons might be better than others for certain species of fish, it is definitely possible to reel one in 365 days a year. But don’t worry, you don’t have to accept this mission unless you choose to. And remember we are a fishing destination for fishing in Ontario.

Here’s what you can fish for at Haliburton Forest in each season:

  • Fall: Lake Trout fishing, Brook or Speckled Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Winter: “Haliburton Gold” Lake Trout, Brook or Speckled Trout, Lake Trout (ice fishing)
  • Spring: All trout species
  • Summer: Largemouth and Smallmouth bass fishing, White Sucker, Ling, Yellow Perch (note that some lakes are open for trout during the summer fishing season but not all)

As you possibly might have guessed, Haliburton Forest is predominantly trout country, with three main species occupying its lakes.

The mysterious “Haliburton Gold” Lake Trout is native to Haliburton County, and is only found in 11 lakes throughout the region!


Our Commitment to Conservation

Haliburton Forest is a sustainable forest. We strongly encourage our guests to leave the forest better than they found it, and with the exception of potentially keeping your catch, this rule most certainly applies to fishing.

In order to assist forest caretakers with fishery management, anglers are requested to truthfully report their catches and attempts with a Creel survey; copies are provided at Base Camp or online. We also ask that visitors refrain from excessive noise, bring out any items they brought into the forest, and ensure that no new fish species are introduced to Haliburton Forest’s lakes. These practices help to protect the natural environment and secure the forest as a fishing spot for visitors to enjoy for decades to come.

Don’t Forget Your Passes and a Fishing Guide

You’re almost ready to set your status to “Gone Fishin’”! Check out the Fishing Society! Remember to purchase a Day Pass so you’re clear to enter the property, pick up any gear you might need, and drop your sinker

Pro tip: visitors under 17 can enter the forest with a free day pass (and an adult).

Why not extend your trip to get the full effect of your outdoor adventure? Haliburton Forest has a variety of accommodation options available, including holiday units and campsites. Groups of 12 or more are encouraged to give us a call so we can help customize your experience, or help you put together the perfect work trip.

Go Beyond Fishing Trips: Plan the Perfect Outdoor Adventure

Speaking of the perfect trip, at Haliburton Forest you can transform awesome fishing trips into epic outdoor adventures!

Download our FREE e-book on How to Plan the Perfect Group Adventure. Get tips and activity ideas for how to make the most of your stay, and experience the untouched majesty of the forest to the very best of your ability.

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