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Real Learning Can Happen in an Outdoor Classroom This Winter

This winter, ditch the stuffy classrooms and fluorescent lights for snow-covered trails and a...

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Give Gifts for Groups with a Winter Adventure

Can we agree that black socks and fruit cake should be banned as holiday gifts? So what else is...

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Looking for Winter Group Vacation Ideas?

We can’t lie. Haliburton Forest in winter is an epic #wonderland of fun. Canadian winters are...

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3 Things You Didn't Know About Wolf Behavior

Wolves are everywhere from movies to clothing to home décor. Although there are many fascinating...

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11 Reasons Workplace Wellness in the Forest Helps You Relax

You’re sitting at your desk, trying to prepare for an important meeting. You feel stressed and...

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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Sledding Ontario

You don’t have to travel to the Arctic to participate in this Canadian winter adventure. Dog...

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Top Winter Activities for Kids at Haliburton Forest

Winter is coming up quick, and you might be starting to get nervous about spending the next...

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Hit the Ontario Snowmobile Trails This Winter

Snowmobiling is one of the quintessential ways to experience Canadian winter, and Ontario...

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With So Many Winter Activities at Haliburton Forest, You Won’t Be Cold

Winter is coming. And we couldn’t be more stoked! Haliburton Forest staff love winter. It’s our...

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The Best Family Vacations Happen at Haliburton Forest

Family vacations should be about more than lounging by the pool and eating out at restaurants...

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Howl at the Moon With Haliburton Forest Wolves

in Wolves

In addition to the wild wolf packs that make their home in the 100,000 acres of Haliburton...

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You Know How to Play, Here’s Where to Stay at Haliburton Forest

You’ve read about all of the different fun and exciting activities and experiences that...

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