Haliburton Forest

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Why Haliburton Forest Is the Perfect Choice for Familiarization Tours

Familiarization tours (or FAM tours) are one of the best ways for travel sellers, destination...

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May 11th: Get Curious About Canada at Haliburton Forest

in Events

Haliburton Forest has always been popular as a bucket-list-worthy destination for families and...

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Prioritize Corporate Wellness With Outdoor Recreation

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal; thematically speaking, it’s a great time to focus...

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Family Outdoor Adventure at Haliburton Forest: Top Summer Things to Do

Summer will be here before you know it, and there’s no better way to savour the season than by...

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Reward Your Team With a Corporate Trip to Haliburton Forest

And still have time to work.

Haliburton Forest is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts,...

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Focus on Fitness With a Family Outdoor Adventure

There’s more to camping, hiking and canoeing than just being out in the woods. Given the fitness...

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Overcome Objectors to Using Wilderness Retreats for Workplace Wellness

The better your employees feel, the better they’ll perform. Workplace wellness is an investment...

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Where to Take Your Team for the Best Fishing Trips

There are a ton of ways to offer team-building workshops but have you ever considered fishing...

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How Outdoor Recreation Can Turn Your Kids into Environmentalists

April 22 is Earth Day; it’s a day meant to inspire people to connect with nature, the...

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5 Animals Your Family Can See in the Haliburton Highlands This Spring

Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa are all popular safari destinations. But, they’re also far...

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How to Give Purpose to Your Next Corporate Trip

You’re starting to plan the next trip for your company, and you want it to be more than just a...

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When to Plan a Corporate Retreat

You think your team could benefit from a new experience. Whether it’s to spark creativity,...

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