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Caught On Camera! #2

Caught On Camera! #2

At Haliburton Forest we are conducting wildlife monitoring research to learn what species of wildlife are using the forest, and in which areas. The main purpose of this project is to establish whether bobcats and lynx are using Haliburton Forest as habitat. While our monitoring techniques have not yet provided evidence that wild cats are using our forest, we have received many reports of previous sightings.


One method we have been using is to set up game cameras in strategic areas where we would expect to see wild cats. Although we haven’t caught any wild cats on camera, one of our game cameras has been capturing regular pictures of a fisher (first picture), and another has been frequented by this pristine looking fox (second picture). We were also lucky enough to capture a picture of a wolf (third picture).

Red fox

When conducting wildlife monitoring we consult with trained wildlife biologists, and use non-invasive monitoring techniques. We also keep the specific locations that each animal was seen confidential to ensure the safety of the animals and the users of Haliburton Forest.




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