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Don’t Forget These 3 Crucial Things on Your Next Lakeside Camping Trip

Don’t Forget These 3 Crucial Things on Your Next Lakeside Camping Trip

Lists are super popular—you can probably find tons of lists about what to pack for a lakeside camping trip. But there are crucial things that a lot of typical packing lists leave off.

If you’re planning to embark on a wilderness adventure, it’s important to be as prepared as possible. Make sure you’re fully equipped for your camping holidays this summer! Here are 3 things you need (which you might not find on Pinterest) to be 100% ready for an outdoor adventure.

3 Important Things for a Lakeside Camping Trip

Camping in the deep wilderness without direct access to amenities or even basic requirements like clean drinking water isn’t for everyone (even though we can accommodate that kind of adventure at Haliburton Forest too!).

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned explorer or beginner camper, the following 3 often-overlooked things are sure to come in handy for standard and sticky situations alike.

#1 Extra Tarps

Having one tarp to put under your tent or under your gear is pretty regular. But having extras can come to your rescue in a big way. Set up a camp shelter to protect from rain, wind or the hot sun; protect your gear from the elements: you never know when you might need an extra tarp to save the day.

#2 Something to Protect Your Food

Even if you’re camping with a car or other type of vehicle, you might not find it convenient to stash all of your belongings there when you’re away from camp.

Copy of 20170907_191620Making sure your food items and other personal belongings stay away from wildlife and the surrounding environment is essential to maintaining the forest and respecting the land. Steps you can take to keep your food safe include:

  • Get a lock for your cooler or food storage items for when they’re unattended
  • Keep your food in vehicles to keep it away from any interested critters

#3 A Method of Water Purification

Water is key to survival! You always want to make sure you have access to it, no matter what. And while you can boil water or use a water filter (which is slow) or use water purification tablets (yuck!), there are less onerous ways to guarantee safe drinking water in the forest.

Pack portable and re-usable water jugs. At Haliburton Forest’s Base Camp, the running water is potable and there is a well on-site where campers can fill up their water jugs.

Additional Necessities for a Lakeside Camping Trip

Just for the sake of preparedness, here are a few bonus items you don’t want to forget to take on camping holidays:

  • First Aid Kit: We recommend curating your own personal kit, as opposed to buying a prepacked one that might have items you don’t need, or lack ones that you do.
  • Multi-tool: Embrace your inner survivalist and get yourself a multi-tool to help you tackle all sorts of unforeseen circumstances or everyday tasks like cooking and setting up camp.
  • Ziploc Bags: Compartmentalizing your gear will help you save space and prioritize what you need. Plus, stashing your items in Ziploc bags will keep them dry in the unfortunate event that your pack gets wet. Pro Tip: Bring extra!

Why should the lists stop there? Download our FREE Essential Packing List for Families for more tips on what to bring on a wilderness adventure in any season.

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