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Don't Wait for Valentine's Day to Plan a Winter Getaway

Don't Wait for Valentine's Day to Plan a Winter Getaway

Winter is the perfect time for a romantic getaway. You can cuddle together in front of the fireplace, get cozy with a warm blanket and some hot cocoa,linger over long conversations, and dream together.

The shared interests and activities of deep friendship form the lasting bonds of a solid, long term romantic relationship.

At Haliburton Forest, there so many things you can do with your loved one this winter, you’ll want to get started now.

The Best Activities for You and Your Honey on a Winter Getaway

Try one, or all, of these winter activities as a couple

  • Dog Sledding: Share an authentic dog sledding experience with your sweetie, right here in Ontario at Haliburton Forest. Dress for the weather in layers and get ready for an exciting ride.

  • Snowmobiling: Hold on to your honey or ride separate sleds and have some friendly competition as you explore the 300 km of freshly groomed trails by snowmobile. With a limited number of passes and so much space on the trails, you’ll be able to keep riding all day.

  • Ice Fishing: You need less gear in the winter. Just a short fishing rod and a some tackle work great. You can get a decent auger to drill a hole in the ice for under $100. Or find a hole that someone else has left — you should be able to break through the thin film of ice. This makes ice fishing the perfect activity for you and your partner, even if you’ve never fished before. And because the fish are more active in the winter, you have a greater chance of success. If you don’t catch a fish, you can still enjoy sharing quality time in the great outdoors.

Plan a Winter Getaway Group Date to Reconnect with Friends

Getting away from screens and routines is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your couple friends. Group dates can be customized to combine a mix of group activities and alone time for each couple. When you gather a group of couples to join, you take advantage of the perks that group experiences bring, like snowshoeing.

Romantic Meals & Cozy Holiday Units

Spend the night, weekend, or entire week with your partner at Haliburton Forest. Stay in one of our fully furnished, self contained holiday units. Cook your own food in the kitchenette or have a romantic meal at The Cookhouse licensed restaurant. We can even arrange a cocktail party or meal for your group date.

Make Haliburton Forest Romantic Retreats Your New Tradition

Stories of true love are endless, just like your Haliburton Forest adventure when you return year after year. Book a couples retreat for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or birthdays. And be sure you get your closest friends together for a group date to catch up with each other and share the fun. Take home a custom paddle from the Forest Store as a keepsake of your romantic retreat. Customize your souvenir paddle with your names. You can even add a date to make it a wedding or anniversary gift for your partner.

Start Making Memories Now With the Trip Planner!

And in between your winter snuggles, see how many of these great outdoor adventure activities you can check off your Bucket List on your winter getaway.
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