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Enjoy the Best Ice Fishing Ontario Has to Offer

Enjoy the Best Ice Fishing Ontario Has to Offer

Get hooked on one of winter’s best activities: ice fishing, Ontario. Imagine the tranquility and memories you’ll make when cruising out to a remote lake, just you and some close friends, to ice fish in the deep Ontario wilderness.

Haliburton Forest, aka “trout country,” has over 100 lakes for you and your friends to explore and catch some fish. Imagine the thrill of landing your first Rainbow, Speckled or Lake Trout, while isolated in pristine winter conditions on a frozen lake surrounded by snow capped trees. If the 3 local Trout species aren’t enough, offer a reward for the person who catches the elusive and coveted “Haliburton Gold” Lake Trout — a fish exclusive to only 11 lakes in Haliburton.

Ice Fishing Ontario Is Cold But Haliburton Forest Makes It Easy

And don’t be concerned about planning it all yourself. Haliburton Forest’s staff will help you get sorted with a snowmobile, ice fishing gear and even a guide for the excursion. Need more? Consider the option to stay overnight in a rustic glamping cottage on MacDonald Lake. With hydro you can cook your winter catches and star gaze at night.

Or you can always come back after a day on the frozen lake to cozy accommodations in our holiday units and a warm meal at the Cookhouse Restaurant: the perfect venue for sharing stories and photos about the big ones that got away and the spectacular ones that stayed on the hook. Or explore more of the Haliburton Highlands, and stay. Check out: Stouffer Mills B&B, Sunny Rock B&B, Oakview Lodge, Ogopogo Resort, Safe Haven Resort or Pinestone.


Ice fishing in Ontario at Haliburton Forest are an all-inclusive must-do activity for your fun-seeking group. Whether you have a close group of friends or are part of a bachelor/bachelorette party, zipping out to a frozen lake in breathtaking northern Ontario will please them all.

Because of Haliburton Forest’s commitment to conservation, guests can expect a clean and healthy natural environment. Leaving the lake better than it was found and taking home all your garbage is crucial. Avoiding excessive noise is also appreciated and it’s never a good idea to introduce foreign species into the ecosystem. Respect for the Haliburton Forest environment improves the experience for all fishers now and in the future.

Hook Into More Than Just Fish This Winter at Haliburton Forest

Download your "Ultimate Outdoor Experience Bucket List" to learn more about all the amazing activities you and your friends could be doing this winter at Haliburton Forest.

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