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Epic Summer Activities to Please Everyone in the Crowd

Epic Summer Activities to Please Everyone in the Crowd

Spending summertime outdoors is a Canadian tradition. We wait patiently all winter for “forest season.” Finally, summer arrives. Time for summer activities. Time to be spontaneous, playful and inquisitive. We look to nature to find our happy place.

At Haliburton Forest, with over 100,000 acres, we have a happy place for everyone.

Check out the many types of people who will enjoy spending forest season with us.

Summer Activities for...the Forest Explorer

Spending time in the forest has many health benefits. But the best part of exploring Haliburton Forest is that it makes you feel good. Whether taking a leisurely walk, hiking more challenging terrain, or mountain biking the trails, your happy place is among the trees. Your whole family will experience the health benefits, because they’ll be so busy having fun, they’ll forget it’s good for them too.

With our Canopy Tours, see breathtaking views as you walk through the treetops on the world’s longest canopy boardwalk. This tour provides a unique perspective of the forest, and it includes paddling a canoe across a wilderness lake and taking a guided walk through the private forest and along the Pelaw River Rapids. A Canopy Tour makes a great team building activity and is popular with corporate groups.

For those who love the forest so much they want to sleep here, you can book a campsite. Our spacious, waterfront campsites give you the seclusion of wilderness camping with the convenience of car camping on a private site. Mountain bike and canoe rentals are available.

...The Animal Lover

If you love to interact with animals, consider a Kennel Tour (4pm, daily) to visit the sled dog huskies while they’re on summer vacation. You and your kids can also visit Hershe the moose and say hello to the Haliburton Forest pig herd. Then take a walk through the forest and make a game of seeing who can spot the most wildlife. Yes, frogs and snakes count.

Visit the Wolf Centre exhibit about the history and habits of wolves. Our observatory provides a safe space, where visitors may glimpse the wolf pack roaming their 15-acre forested environment. During Thursday evenings in July and August, people who are fond of animals will enjoy the Wolf Howl – a forest walk with a guide who attempts to engage the wolf pack in a round of howls.

...The Night Owl

For those that love to be outdoors at night, you can stargaze in solitude or with that special someone. Snuggle up with a blanket and gaze into each other’s eyes under the constellations. Book space on one of our summer astronomy programs, where an onsite astronomer will guide you through the night sky. This program runs rain or shine and lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Take a forest walk at night to experience a whole new symphony of nature sounds as the nocturnal creatures come to life. Your hearing will be enhanced as your vision is reduced, providing a unique perspective on your environment.

...The Water Worshipper


You want to spend all day in or on the water. With over 100 lakes to experience at Haliburton Forest, you will be in paradise. Lovers of H20 can divide their day between swimming, fishing, canoeing (canoe rentals available), and kayaking. Parents and kids can enjoy playtime together. Corporate wellness groups can benefit from the fresh air and fun activities.

...The History Buff

Learn about Haliburton Forest’s logging history, which started in the late 1800s. In the 1960s new owners ended the exploitation of the land and began creating today’s sustainable forestry practices. In 2010, another new owner doubled the land area and offered recreational activities. The company has since changed hands again and a group of professional managers are now responsible for both the tourism and forestry divisions. The various eras are documented at the Logging Museum on site. Logging is one of the most significant industries in Canada and Ontario. Your kids will be so fascinated, they’ll barely notice they’re learning something outside of school. You and your partner can stroll through the museum, holding hands, and exploring the area’s history together.

The Tuesday night natural history presentations are led by individuals and organizations recognized in their field. Topics may cover research being conducted at Haliburton Forest, natural landscapes and ecosystems, local flora and fauna, or even environmental concerns.

...The Athlete

Visitors who enjoy athletic pursuits have free access to the tennis courts at Haliburton Forest Tennis Club.

Other enjoyable summer activities, which can be adjusted to accommodate moderate to challenging physical endurance levels, are hiking and mountain biking. Challenge your kids or partner to a race. With over 300 km of trails to explore, you’ll never have the same outdoor adventure twice.

...The Quiet Relaxer

Take a meandering walk down an inviting forest path and find a quiet spot for meditation or yoga. Use all five senses to absorb the forest atmosphere.

Back at your cabin, curl up in a Haliburton chair with a good book and a cool drink. This, too, is a good summer activity. And if you want to read about local topics, check out the books available at the Forest Store Online. This is a great time for that person in your corporate group who isn’t really into outdoor adventure to improve their wellness in a quieter way.

You could also share a quiet conversation with your partner or enjoy just sitting silently together in appreciation of your surroundings and each other’s company.

...The Connoisseur

The Cookhouse restaurant is located at the Haliburton Forest Base Camp and is open year round. This licensed restaurant provides a rustic dining experience for forest visitors and group experience participants and can also host special events like weddings.

You can also shop at the Camp Store for snacks and souvenirs – everything you would find at your local convenience store.

Then check out the Wood Shop showroom and retail outlet for beautiful kitchen items, toys, furniture and products for the great outdoors.

...The Art Enthusiast

If it is art you are searching for, take a Wild Woods Walk to view the semi-permanent pieces of interactive land art in an installation from the Forest Art Project. Challenge your kids to find each piece of art. Bring a sketchbook and they can draw a response to the art they see. Learn about plants and wildlife as you walk arm in arm with your partner.

The Wood Shop also offers custom paddles and woodwork, including bowls, and other accessories for the home and outdoors. You’ll find gifts and souvenirs for the whole family.

Does Your Group Include Some of All of These People?

You don’t have to travel long distances, take tons of time off work, or break the bank to enjoy summer activity outdoors. If you’re looking for an awesome summer getaway, check out Haliburton Forest.

With groups of 12 or more, you have even more options. Try rock climbing or the high ropes. Customize your group experience so that it appeals to all of the family or friends in your group. Make sure you take lots of photos for social media.

So Much Fun You’ll Want to Stay

We know you’ll love Haliburton Forest so much that you’ll want to return many times. And with so much to do, each visit provides the opportunity to explore something different.

Stay in our cozy refurbished holiday units or book a private lakeside campsite.

We've made it easy for you to plan a group outdoor adventure in Spring, Summer or Fall with these packages. 

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