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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Sledding Ontario

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Sledding Ontario

You don’t have to travel to the Arctic to participate in this Canadian winter adventure. Dog sledding Ontario is an epic outdoor adventure, ideal for anyone age 6 and over who loves animals, especially dogs.

Haliburton Forest staff provide hands-on training for introductory (45 mins), half (2–2.5 hours), or full (up to 6 hours) dog sled tours.

At Haliburton Forest, we have over 80 km of dedicated dog sledding trails ready for you – no previous experience required. First, check trail conditions and download your essential outdoor packing list.

Then, dress in layers to prepare for Ontario dog sledding in the great outdoors. Be sure everyone wears warm, water-resistant boots, winter jackets and snow pants.

5 Fun Facts You Need to Know for Your Next Dog Sledding Ontario Adventure

  1. Dog sledding is really old: In North America, archaeologists found sled parts attributed to the Thule culture (ancestors of today’s Inuit) dating back to 800 BP (i.e., 800 years before 1950).
  2. Mush (at Haliburton Forest, we say hike) means go!
  3. Sled dogs moved gold, medicine, even mail.
  4. It’s not just a workout for the dogs.
  5. You don’t have to go to the Arctic – or back in time – to dog sled.

For more details, check out our blog.

Dog Sledding for the Whole Family

There’s just something about kids and dogs – they seem to bond naturally. Bring your kids (who are 6 years old and older) to meet the beautiful Siberian Huskies at Haliburton Forest. Snap some cute pics for posting as they cuddle at the kennel and travel the trails.

A Romantic Dog Sled Ride for Couples

Forget the Cinderella carriage ride, dog sledding is a romantic ride with action! Discover the romance in outdoor adventure. Work hard, get sweaty together, enjoy the great outdoors. Stop for a snack and a snowball fight before returning to your holiday unit for a cozy evening together.

Turning your dog sledding adventure into a romantic weekend getaway is easy. Simply book accommodations at a cozy B&B or cabin rental nearby. Check out Stouffer Mill B&B, Sunny Rock B&B, Oakview Lodge, Ogopogo Resort, or Safe Haven Resort. If you prefer a chain hotel experience, you’ll appreciate Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre.

A Group Dog Sledding Retreat

As part of your custom group or corporate retreat, Haliburton Forest staff can plan a dog sledding adventure. Dog sledding combines five of the most important keys to health and happiness:

  1. Time outdoors
  2. Social connections
  3. Animal bonding
  4. Exercise
  5. Change of routine/scenery

Dog sledding makes a great group experience for family reunions, group dates, or a bunch of your besties. Grab the guys, text the girls, and make plans to meet at Haliburton Forest for a dog sledding adventure.


About the Dogs

Over one hundred Siberian Huskies are your tour guides through Haliburton Forest’s 100,000 acres. These enthusiastic dogs are bred to run, and they love their jobs.

The teams are usually divided into three sections:

  1. Front: Lead dogs (the brains)
  2. Middle: Team dogs (the followers)
  3. Back: Wheel section (the muscle)

Check out this video and see what it’s like to drive your own dog sled at Haliburton Forest.

All sled dogs are well trained and well loved. They are introduced to the tours as they gain experience, perform full-day tours at their prime, and are later phased into retirement, where they continue to enjoy sunshine and affection. The dogs are never run beyond their capabilities.

Kennel Tours (Spring/Summer/Fall)

You can still hang out with the sled dogs in the off-season. Come to our kennel and snuggle with some of our beautiful and incredibly friendly Siberian Huskies! While visiting the dogs, our friendly staff are happy to answer your questions. Each tour will be approximately 30 minutes in length. Be sure to book your daily dose of dogs in the spring, summer, or fall at Haliburton Forest.

Live the Experience - Be a Musher Experience

When the skies turn cool in November, the 110 Siberian Huskies at Haliburton Forest start getting itchy feet. In November and December the guides of Haliburton Forest start to condition the huskies in anticipation of the upcoming dog sledding season. You will have the opportunity to join this select group of individuals for a very active weekend. Hang on for the ride of your life.


The weekend will be full of dogs from conditioning them on the back of an ATV to caring for them before and after their runs. Program will run rain or shine so pack for whatever Mother Nature may throw our way.

Fee: $369.00 per person plus HST less the $50.00 non-refundable deposit made at the time of booking. Meals and accommodations are included.

Check Dog Sledding Off Your Bucket List

While you’re booking your dog sledding tour, see what other Haliburton Forest activities are available. Download The Ultimate Outdoor Experience Bucket List. How many items can you check off? New Call-to-action







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