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Family Outdoor Adventure at Haliburton Forest: Top Summer Things to Do

Family Outdoor Adventure at Haliburton Forest: Top Summer Things to Do

Summer will be here before you know it, and there’s no better way to savour the season than by spending it outdoors. If you’re starting to think about your summer plans, consider visiting Haliburton Forest for an outdoor family adventure.

Lush foliage, scenic views and exciting activities for all ages await you. You can even customize the experience for a larger group, making sure your visit is tailored to exactly what you want to do.

But that’s the big question — what DO you want to do? There’s a lot to choose from! To give you an idea of what your family outdoor adventure could look like, here’s our top 3 things to do at Haliburton Forest this summer.

Top 3 Things to Do This Summer: Family Outdoor Adventure at Haliburton Forest

1. Canopy Tours

Canopy tours are the ultimate way to experience the forest’s grand scenery. Walk through the trees 10-20 metres above the ground, gaining a perspective like none other. Our experienced staff will make sure you’re safe and show you the way, so you can focus on the challenge and reward at hand.

The full experience includes paddling a voyageur-style canoe across a forest lake, for guests 10+ years and older. Working side by side to complete the journey, your family can gel as a team while adventuring through the wilderness.

2. Fishing

HF April BP 7-2Haliburton Forest is an angler’s delight, featuring over 100 lakes and 4 species of trout, among other species. You can purchase a fishing guide at Base Camp, or contact us to buy a guide in advance.

Haliburton Forest prides itself on its respect for the environment. Fisherpeople are asked to leave the lakes as they were found, leaving no garbage behind.

You’re allowed to bring your own boats, or you can rent canoes on site. Keep in mind no outside species of flora or fauna are to be introduced to the natural environment.

There are over 100 lakes to choose from. If you want to plan a fishing trip for your group, we’ll lay it all out for you, minimizing any research or decisions you have to make.

3. Wolf Centre

While the Wolf Centre is technically not outdoors, it is definitely a once in a lifetime adventure. Open daily in the summertime, Haliburton Forest’s Wolf Centre facility features educational exhibits, a retail area, and an observatory where guests can view the wolves (if they’re around!). The wolves themselves roam a 15-acre enclosure, but guests can check out our wolfcams whenever they like.

If there’s one experience at Haliburton Forest that can be described as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’s a Wolf Howl. Starting out with a special, themed presentation, guests take a short walk into the forest to see if the wolves will respond to the guide’s howl.

The Wolf Howl Experience is free of charge, and takes place Thursday nights in July and August!

The Fun Doesn’t Stop There: Download Our Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Bucket List

So those are our top 3 things to do this summer for family outdoor adventure, but there’s also the rest of the year to think about — not to mention the future!

Download The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Bucket List and find out about:

  • Activities to enjoy for every season
  • Ways to experience the natural environment
  • How Haliburton Forest can tick multiple boxes off your bucket list

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