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Focus on Fitness With a Family Outdoor Adventure

Focus on Fitness With a Family Outdoor Adventure

There’s more to camping, hiking and canoeing than just being out in the woods. Given the fitness benefits of wilderness adventure, there are few better ways to provide physical activity for the whole family.

In addition to an amazing nature experience, a family outdoor adventure can give your loved ones opportunities to set and overcome physical challenges, build confidence, and strengthen relationships. Just in case you’re not up-to-date on the latest facts about the life-long benefits of an active lifestyle, here’s a refresher.

The Fitness Benefits of Family Outdoor Adventure

Physical activity is good for the whole family, and it’s especially important for kids. It’s recommended by KidsHealth.org (among others) that school-age children get at least an hour of exercise per day — a family outdoor adventure can help encourage an appreciation for both physical activity and the environment alike.

Perks of regular exercise for young people include:

  • Improved brain function: Exercise helps develop movement and motor skills, as well as learning capabilities, memory and problem solving skills.
  • Strong bones and muscles: Regular physical activity decreases the risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.
  • Mental wellbeing: Exercise promotes the release of endorphins, which can help to improve mood, decrease stress and increase sleep quality, an especially hot commodity for a family with young kids.

There are also a multitude of advantages associated with young people who spend more time outdoors:

  • Health benefits: Spending time outdoors can help strengthen the immune system, reduce fatigue and improve physical conditioning.
  • Intellectual stimulation: Being in nature activates the senses and introduces kids to new environments and atmospheres.
  • New perspective: Outdoor play encourages learning through new experiences, and can teach young people respect for the natural environment.

Family Outdoor Adventure at Haliburton Forest

Haliburton Forest is bursting with wilderness adventure opportunities for your next family camping trip. Our wide variety of recreation options makes it easy to incorporate exercise into your family outdoor adventure, and Haliburton Forest has activities for all skill and fitness levels.


Haliburton Forest has over 300 km of hiking trails. Navigate the woods on your own or with a guide*, staying on beginner trails or challenging yourself on more difficult routes. You can also check out our interactive trail map to plan your hike ahead of time.

Canopy Tours

Experience the forest from the ground and from the air, and gain a new view of the forest — literally! Canopy Tours at Haliburton Forest include paddling a voyageur-style canoe across one of the forest’s many lakes, followed by a breathtaking walk along the world’s longest canopy boardwalk.

Rock Climbing

HF April BP 5-2If you’re ready to take your family outdoor adventure to the next level, rock climbing is one way to do it. Haliburton Forest is home to a natural rock climbing face; we’ll teach you the basics, and you take on the challenge!

Regardless of what activity you choose to try, experiences at Haliburton Forest are sure to get your family moving, and even bring them closer together. Give your kids the opportunity to appreciate nature and feel its benefits. Challenge the whole family with a wilderness adventure!

*Please note that guided hikes are only available for groups of 12 or more. Consider booking a trip with multiple families or friends!

Prepare for Adventure With Our Essential Packing List for Families

The time leading up to your epic family outdoor adventure should be spent planning activities and getting ready for new challenges, and not spent wondering what to bring.

Our Essential Packing List for Families will take the stress out of packing your bags. Find out what to bring for all seasons and activities, and get back to researching which route to hike at Haliburton Forest. (You can check out our interactive trail map to plan routes in advance.)

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