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Get a Hygge Experience Without Leaving Ontario

Get a Hygge Experience Without Leaving Ontario

Have you heard of the Danish lifestyle trend known as hygge? Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish term for a feeling of coziness and contentment and it’s a practice popular in the Scandinavian country since the early 1800s.

The concept of creating a hygge experience has taken hold in North America as a way to stay present, enjoy the moment, and enjoy nature. But, you don’t have to travel to Denmark to practice a little hygge. You can make hygge happen in Ontario, Canada.

To start your hygge experience you’ll need:

  • warm socks
  • a cozy, oversized sweater
  • a cup (or more) of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee
  • a book to curl up with
  • somewhere to curl up in (preferably a log cabin)
  • a partner or group of friends is ideal but not mandatory
  • delicious food

But most importantly, to keep feeling the hygge when you’re out in the world, you need nature.

Outdoor Adventure Is a Key Component of a Hygge Experience

Whether it’s a hike through a snowy forest trail, being pulled on a sled by a team of HF March BP 2-2.jpghuskies, a skate, or even ice fishing for laid-back adventurers, getting outside when it’s cold out (winter is peak hygge season) enhances physical and mental health during the darkest and dreariest time of year.

What makes the outdoors perfect for hygge is that after a day of adventure in the cold white North, you get to come back inside, warm up, and practice all that coziness.

Hygge Is for Summer, Too

Hygge can be done in warmer weather, too. Since true hygge is a feeling rather than a specific practice you can get your summer hygge experience by doing many of the same things you’d do in winter:

  • eat great food
  • read a good book (but this time under a tree rather than under a blanket)
  • enjoy time with friends
  • and, of course, enjoy time outdoors: ride a bike, take a hike, camp out under the stars

Prepare for Ontario’s Premier Hygge Experience

If you want to give hygge a try, Haliburton Forest is the perfect place to do it: with 100,000 acres of forest and plenty of places to eat and sleep. Download The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Bucket List to help you figure out what activities you can do outside before you get hygge inside.

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