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Get an Outdoor Education This Summer

Get an Outdoor Education This Summer

One of the great benefits of Haliburton Forest is the diversity of experiences it has to offer. Haliburton Forest is, of course, an outdoor recreation centre that offers a wide range of outdoor experiences and activities to guests. But for all the fun on offer at Haliburton Forest, outdoor education is another main focus. Even though school is winding down and summer is just around the corner, here are some opportunities for outdoor education for your family at Haliburton Forest.

3 Ways to Get an Outdoor Education at Haliburton Forest
  1. The Wolf Howl: Starting at the end of June, guests learn about wolf ecology and their relationship with humans. Then guests are led on a walk through the forest. The tour culminates in a (hopefully) real life wolf howl—an experience most people will go their whole lives without ever hearing. Guides initiate howls with the wolves and usually get a response (though we can’t guarantee one). The Wolf Howl is a free event though donations are greatly appreciated.

  2. Astronomy: Our resident astronomer will give you a night-based outdoor education under the night sky, to learn about the science of the stars. The Astronomy tour begins at the end of June and costs $20/adult, $15/child, lasting 1 to 2 hours.

  3. Natural History Presentations: These weekly presentations educate and raise awareness about our relationship with and responsibility to the environment—topics that are important to Haliburton Forest. The Natural History Presentations are another free event, and start at the beginning of July.

  4. Keep the momentum of school going this summer - and keep kids off their phones - by joining one of our tours. Make a day of it with a day pass: go hiking, mountain biking, fishing, then grab a little scientific enlightenment in the evening. Or stay the whole week so you can attend each event.

Download This Bucket List to Keep Track of Your Outdoor Adventures This Summer

There’s so much to do at Haliburton Forest that it gets hard to keep track. That’s why we created this bucket list to help you cross off the activities you’ve already done and help you plan for the next ones. Once summer is over there are plenty of winter activities for you to complete as well.

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