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Get Your Kids to Love Outdoor Adventure, Even If You Don’t

Get Your Kids to Love Outdoor Adventure, Even If You Don’t

 A love—or at the very least, a healthy respect—of the outdoors is an important component of every childhood. Immersing your kids in nature balances all that screen time kids are exposed to, teaches respect for the environment and the importance of conservation, and emphasizes good health and exercise at an early age. But what do you do if you want to instill a sense of outdoor adventure in your kids but you don’t love the outdoors, yourself?

nullAt first glance, this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal—just get out there already, you might say. But there’s a lot of knowledge and skill involved in fun and safe outdoor activity that might get missed if you’re trying to impart some wilderness wisdom that you don’t have.

Take camping, for instance: little things, like knowing how to pitch a tent, the best kindling to start a fire, or how to get the bugs to avoid you (hint: don’t wear dark clothing; you can also bring a bug jacket), are important skills and knowledge to have so you and your kids can enjoy time outdoors.

And while there’s plenty of information out there on the Internet, unfortunately most outdoor adventure doesn’t come with a wi-fi connection. But if you feel like you’re “up a creek without a paddle” when it comes to wilderness adventure, have no fear. Haliburton Forest is here.

Haliburton Forest Makes Outdoor Adventure Easy

You don’t have to be an expert canoeist or tent pitcher at Haliburton Forest. In fact, you can stay the whole weekend without sleeping in a tent at all. Haliburton Forest has plenty of space for your whole family in twelve on-site accommodations. Your kids can enjoy the outdoors but you can come back to the comfort of a home with non-zipping doors.

Here are some other ways Haliburton Forest makes outdoor adventure easier, when you have no idea what you’re doing:

  • Decided to go camping but forgot that you know nothing about campfire cooking? The Cookhouse restaurant on site has you covered. Open everyday during peak season (except Christmas Day), and Wednesday to Sunday off peak, the restaurant is open to all guests.

  • Want to take your kids mountain biking—or canoeing, or snowmobiling—but don’t own any of the equipment? Haliburton Forest offers mountain bike (plus helmet), canoe, and snowmobile equipment rentals.

  • Intrigued by activities that require more than a basic knowledge? Haliburton Forest has professional guides to lead you and your extended family through outdoor adventure safely. Great for large groups, the Canopy Tour, the Wolf Centre and Wolf Howl, and Dog Sledding (if you’re up for a winter getaway) are led by professionals to optimize safety and fun.

The best part about Haliburton Forest is that as you and your family become more comfortable in the great outdoors, you won’t have to move on to a newer, more challenging location. From the 300 km of hiking and biking trails (with experience levels from easy to difficult), to the canoeing, fishing, swimming, and camping (and that’s just in the summer), there’s always more to explore, discover, and learn at Haliburton Forest.

We Also Made It Easier for You Outdoor-Adventure Rookies to Pack

Download this checklist to save you time, ease the stress of trip planning, and prepare yourself for fun.

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