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How is Hershe doing?

How is Hershe doing?

After so many posts about the wolves throughout the winter, we should update everybody on Hershe (our resident moose), who made it through the snowy season very well.

He did lose one and part of another of his antlers and his new set is growing nicely again, being covered in velvet. For the summer his ponds will be important to Hershe. Moose are truly northern mammals, who suffer significantly from the heat of the summer. Unlike humans, moose are unable to regulate their body temperature through sweating, so a cool bath is even more crucial.

After a winter surviving on dried ruffage-pellets, Hershe is now back on a diet of fresh foliage, which we cart in by the truck-load. A 1-ton moose, and that’s close to where Hershe is at right now, needs a lot of leaves and twigs to keep going.
In terms of his social interactions, Hershe on most days, enjoys human interaction and will readily trot towards the fence when visitors appear. But don’t be disappointed, if he does not feel like getting up or coming over ... after all, he has his days, like all of us. But his biggest treat is when the logging horses, and Paddy the donkey, from across the laneway join him, to clean out the grass in his paddock. After all, it was Princess, the large, black mare, he imprinted on ... and you can observe Hershe flash back to his horsey ways, get down on his knees to graze just like a horse.
If you want to visit Hershe, please ask the front-desk staff for directions. Hershe is looking forward to your visit.



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