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How Outdoor Recreation Can Turn Your Kids into Environmentalists

How Outdoor Recreation Can Turn Your Kids into Environmentalists

April 22 is Earth Day; it’s a day meant to inspire people to connect with nature, the environment, and the biologically diverse planet we all share. 

And it’s a great diversion from too much screen time. If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate Earth Day with your family, here are some tips:

  1. Less Stuff, More Experiences: How many times have you seen kids cast aside a toy after playing with it once or twice? The great thing about outdoor recreation is you can’t throw it away and there’s something different to do every time so kids don’t get bored with it. Invest in less stuff this Earth Day and plan more experiences like some of the activities we suggest below.

  2. Nature Hikes: Immersing your family in the wilderness on trails throughout Ontario, or even taking a hiking vacation, gets kids up close and personal with the beauty and resilience of nature. A hike through the trees (or above them on a canopy walk!) will show them that nature is where all life comes from and get them excited about discovering more.

  3. Mountain Biking: Getting out and exercising in nature creates a deeper appreciation of the world around you. Bikes are available for rent at Haliburton Forest and with 300 kilometres of trails and picnic huts en route, it will be easy to spend all of Earth Day (or any day) enjoying nature. In fact, outdoor play of any kind is a great way to keep kids healthy and happy.

  4. nullLearn Together: Find out how nature and wildlife are important to our ecosystem. For instance, at the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre you can learn all about wolf behaviour and ecology. Or, during a Sawmill Tour, you’ll discover the work being done to keep our 100,000 acre property a healthy and sustainable forest for your family to enjoy for years to come. Plus you’re kids will get to see some mighty machines in action.

Pack for Outdoor Recreation on Earth Day and All Year

The Essential Packing List for Families will prepare you and your kids for outdoor recreation in April and every other month of the year. You can spend less time stressing about what to pack for a hiking adventure, or what you’ll need on the mountain bike trails, and more time focusing on environmentally friendly fun with the fam.

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