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How to Give Purpose to Your Next Corporate Trip

How to Give Purpose to Your Next Corporate Trip

You’re starting to plan the next trip for your company, and you want it to be more than just a series of your average team-building workshops. You want this corporate trip to have a positive impact on the team, leaving them feeling fulfilled and inspired. You want the group to return stronger, focussed, and eager to tackle the next project.

When people were immersed in nature for four days, it boosted their performance on creative problem solving by 50% (Business Insider 2016).

Haliburton Forest can offer your group amazing outdoor experiences that will do more than just show your team a good time — they invigorate the body and spirit. But to make sure you provide the most value possible for your company, here are 3 tips to give purpose to your next corporate trip.

3 Ways to Give Purpose to Your Next Corporate Trip

  1. nullOutline clear goals and objectives: Determine what you want the key takeaways of your trip to be. For example, contributing to your corporate wellness program or building organizational culture.

  2. Focus on valuable experiences, not cost: It doesn’t matter how expensive the trip is, what matters is what your team gains from it. You can facilitate learning and personal growth for your team while camping just as easily as in a traditional seminar — perhaps more so!

  3. Relax the structure by making activities optional: Not everyone will want to partake of every activity. But when there’s a wide selection of engaging activities to participate in, you don’t have to worry about people feeling left out. At Haliburton Forest, for example, there’s something for everyone to enjoy while still achieving the goals you set for your corporate trip.

nullHaliburton Forest’s group experiences allow you to customize your retreat to give purpose to your next corporate trip. Take advantage of the following once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventures:

Focussing on Corporate Wellness? Get Outside!

The outdoors can provide amazing health and wellness benefits for your team. Download our FREE infographic and learn:

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