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How to Sell Group Experiences at Haliburton Forest to Your Boss

How to Sell Group Experiences at Haliburton Forest to Your Boss

So you want to plan your next corporate trip to Haliburton Forest, but you need to get approval from your boss, first. Here’s how to prove that group experiences at Haliburton Forest are worth the investment. Whether you’re planning a team building workshop, a corporate health and wellness program, or an incentive gift, Haliburton Forest makes sure your outdoor adventure is the best fit for your group.

Just tell your boss that when you bring your group to Haliburton Forest your package includes:
  1. Professional guides - our guides aren’t college students looking to make a few bucks and enjoy the outdoors on summer vacation. They do this for a living, all year round.

  2. nullHigh class accommodations - Haliburton Forest may not be the Four Seasons but our accommodations are comfortable, inviting, and clean. But hopefully you’ll be enjoying outdoor adventure instead of spending too much time inside anyway.

  3. A rare venue - a venue this large, with these kinds of diverse experiences, open all year round, doesn’t exist in a lot of places. You’ll have difficulty finding a similar venue in Canada.

  4. Multiple experiences - our group experiences are customized so you’ll never have the same trip twice. There’s no shortage of things to do, for every interest and experience level at Haliburton Forest.

  5. Authentic Canadian experiences - you’re visiting a forest steeped in Canadian history; activities like canopy tours, our beautiful trails and lakes, and experiences like the Wolf Centre appeal to the patriot and Canadiana enthusiast in all of us.

  6. Equipment - we provide the equipment, or you can rent equipment from us. Your group doesn’t have to invest in their own equipment. We take the worry out of planning your corporate trip so your group can sit back in The Cookhouse restaurant and talk shop.

  7. The benefits of outdoor wellness - nature is a proven stress reliever and mood upper, according to the environmental psychologist Judith Heerwagen, quoted in this article about the health benefits of the outdoors. Replacing high pressure corporate environments with the fresh air and physical activity of Haliburton Forest on a corporate trip improves the overall wellness of your employees. They give so much to your business so why not give some relaxation, fun, and happiness back to them.

We know your boss is often most concerned with how your group experience will affect the bottom line. So show your boss this ebook on how to make planning your next corporate trip easy and affordable.

For example, did you know that booking group experiences at the beginning of the week is more affordable than over the weekend?

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