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Improve Workplace Wellbeing with Charitable Giving

Improve Workplace Wellbeing with Charitable Giving

Many companies empower their communities (and their employees) by investing in philanthropic opportunities. Microsoft, for example, empowers people and communities by making technology accessible, expanding career paths, and collaborating with the healthcare community to provide medical care for the most vulnerable global citizens.

Combining your charitable giving with workplace wellbeing improves both the physical and mental health of your employees, allowing you to invest in your employees and give back to the world around you. A great way to merge charitable giving and continue your health and wellness program is to set up a walk-a-thon. But at Haliburton Forest you have a lot more options.

Instead of a walk-a-thon you can hold a:

  • hike-a-thon
  • mountain bike-a-thon
  • run-a-thon
  • canoe-a-thon
  • fish-a-thon
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5 Steps to Improving Workplace Wellbeing with Haliburton Forest

  1. Check out the hiking and biking trails at Haliburton Forest and map out a route for your employees.

  2. Ask participants to make donations or raise money based on the number of their laps or mileage.

  3. Combine your race with other workplace wellness programs.

  4. Depending on the length of your event, find accommodations for your employees so they can be well-rested before and after the event.

  5. Incentivize employees: the employee or team with the largest donations, or the employee or team with the most laps or mileage, can receive a gift. Check out the Haliburton Forest Woodshop for gift inspiration, like handcrafted wooden paddles, art, furniture, home accessories, and more.
Experience the Forest at the Haliburton Forest Trail Race

Combine your charitable giving with participation in the Haliburton Forest Trail Race. 2018 marks the 26th year of this event, to be held September 8–9. Participants can run their choice of:

  • 12K
  • 26K
  • 50K
  • 50 miles
  • Signature Ultra Race, 100 miles

Want to discover more reasons why you should combine workplace wellbeing with the outdoors? Download the “Take Your Work Outside” infographic to learn more.

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