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Looking for Winter Group Vacation Ideas?

Looking for Winter Group Vacation Ideas?

We can’t lie. Haliburton Forest in winter is an epic #wonderland of fun. Canadian winters are much more than shoveling snow and scraping windshields. Not looking forward to winter? Maybe you just need to acquire a new taste for what this season is all about. Why coop yourself up indoors when all the memories to be made and a winter getaway of a lifetime are waiting for you in Ontario’s beautiful outdoors? Consider the hidden gems Ontario’s winter has to offer all with stress free planning and Haliburton Forest’s all-inclusive offers.

Here Are 3 Group Vacation Ideas to Pitch to Your Friends and Family

1. Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a thrilling adventure that will put a smile on the faces of everyone in your group (individuals must be 6 years and older). Once used for moving gold and mail around the hard-to-reach corners of the country, dog sleds are now used to move across the snow-covered terrain and to take in the scenery of the great outdoors. No experience whatsoever is required for dog sledding. You will receive a fully comprehensive training session and, time permitting, you’ll even get to visit the kennel where the Siberian Huskies stay. A truly Canadian experience, dog sledding will only leave you the challenge of how to hashtag your epic photos.

2. Snowmobiling

With over 100,000 acres of trails for snowmobiling at Haliburton Forest, you are sure to find your piece of winter paradise. Top-of-the-line equipment rentals mean you will spend your time cruising trails (and breaking for photos of course) without a worry of a breakdown or any mechanical issue. What will trail conditions be like when you get there? You’re in luck. Haliburton Forest trails are right in the Algonquin Dome, which means consistent snow falls and the requisite temperatures to keep the snow where it belongs: on the trail. This kid-friendly activity will have your group buzzing through the day and into the night as smiles from a day on the trails last long after you turn off the engine.


3. Ice Fishing

If your engines are still revved from snowmobiling, turn the ignition once more as you hit the trails to go ice fishing. Haliburton Forest is one of Ontario’s great fishing destinations. Challenge your group to hook something special, like the elusive “Haliburton Gold” Lake Trout,found in 11 lakes, only in Haliburton County.

These three group vacation ideas are just a taste of what Haliburton Forest can offer. Your group will also get to enjoy the Ontario wilderness through cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Also consider adding some après-adventure fun with your own cocktail party.

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