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Mid-Week Winter Fun!

Mid-Week Winter Fun!

DNPhotography-22Do your days off land mid-week? Are you looking for something new and exciting to do? Studies by Stanford University show that spending time outdoors increases creativity and concentration—and here at Haliburton Forest, we have plenty of outdoors for you to explore!

During the week, the city is a hustling, bustling place. Why not take a break and come visit us? Here it is quiet and peaceful. You can take a break from all the pressing matters of life and let the calmness of the wilderness soothe your inner wild thing. Here, where the stars shine in a clear sky and where wolves proHF_Wolf_Centre__Dec_2018_ 0487wl through the trees, you can really lose yourself. Time seems to slip by unnoticed by anyone but the sun as it travels through the sky.

If adventure is what you seek, look no further than Haliburton Forest! Come ride our 100,000 acres of trails on a rental snowmobile. Find the scenic areas in the Forest, like the breath-taking Lookout over Black Lake, or the icefalls that cling to the rocks along the side of the Gorge Trail. If company and companionship are what you crave, take one of our half-day dogsled tours! Enjoy the feeling of being part of a team while taking our huskies for a run through beautiful old growth Canadian forest and across frozen lakes. After the tour, visit your new furry friends to congratulate them with love and affection for a job well done. Once you are finished out in the wilderness, return to Base Camp to meet our moose, Hershe, or continue your adventure at the Wolf Centre to learn about wolves. There you will have the chance to see our pack of eight grey wolves that call a 15-acre enclosure home! During the week, the Wolf Centre is open 11-3. All of this can be done at a reduced mic-week rate should you book anytime from Monday to Thursday.  

So much to do and not enough time to do it in a day? That is alright! Stay in our accommodations and get $49.00 off your rental snowmobile. Combine your half-day dogsled tour with an overnight accommodation onsite and save $24.00 per person! What are you waiting for? The Forest isn’t going anywhere, but spring is coming! With a whole host of other activities coming your way, why wait another year for winter to come again? Experience Haliburton Forest in all its winter glory, away from the weekend crowd.

We hope to see you soon!


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