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Outdoor Adventure Exceeds Executive Expectations

Outdoor Adventure Exceeds Executive Expectations

 You work hard all week. Between tasks and meetings, you don’t have time to plan out of office activities. You need an all-inclusive, outdoor adventure venue to provide wow factor group experiences to really make an impression. A place that works for a weekend getaway with friends. But also goes above and beyond (making you look good!) to host your staff training sessions and impress your key clients.

Professional Tourism & Recreation Staff

The facilitators at Haliburton Forest are trained and experienced, full-time professionals, who are on staff year-round. With a wealth of knowledge about sled dogs, snowmobile safety, the great outdoors, and more, they are thrilled to share their knowledge and experience to enrich your outdoor adventure.

High End Equipment

For your outdoor adventure convenience, enjoy 300 km of groomed trails on one of Haliburton Forest’s rented snowmobiles. Late model, liquid cooled, snowmobiles can be booked online. Gas, oil, snowmobile rentals, accommodations and food are available at Base Camp.

Conscientious, Ethical Animal Handlers

Passionate sled dogs are professionally trained and cared for working dogs, who take pride and pleasure in their winter frolics. Staff monitor the health and abilities of each dog carefully, to ensure they are never worked beyond capacity. The dogs can eventually enjoy living out their retirement in comfort at Haliburton Forest’s facilities.

Beaverhouse.jpgCozy Accommodations

Refurbished units have a rustic feel, which reflects their history of being originally used by sawmillers and loggers many years ago (renovated since then, don’t worry!). Relax at the end of an active outdoor adventure day, in the clean, quiet atmosphere of these fully furnished, self-contained units - your own private oasis amid the group experience.

Licensed Restaurant

The Cookhouse is open year-round to provide refreshment for your group after an outdoor adventure. Restaurant staff are very skilled at hosting group experiences and special events, and can accommodate a variety of culinary needs.

Host Your Next Professional Event at Haliburton Forest to Improve Corporate Wellness

We appreciate that you have a certain expectation for your group experience event. The training or tour needs to be on the same level as the people attending it. Professional staff and clients expect professional treatment.

Haliburton Forest delivers! For more information about how your Haliburton Forest event can increase your team’s energy, creativity, and problem solving skills, download this infographic, which explains How Outdoor Activity Enhances Your Corporate Wellness.

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