11 Reasons Workplace Wellness in the Forest Helps You Relax

You’re sitting at your desk, trying to prepare for an important meeting. You feel stressed and...

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Improve Workplace Wellbeing with Charitable Giving

Many companies empower their communities (and their employees) by investing in philanthropic...

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The Best Year End Gifts Include a Corporate Employee Wellness Program

Back-to-school season will be upon us soon, then Thanksgiving, and before you know it, you’ll be...

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Why You Should Use a Corporate Trip Planner Outside Your Organization

It’s tempting to look internally to program and staff your corporate wellness trip. It may seem...

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Say Thank You with Corporate Gifts for Employees

We’ve covered corporate gifts before, but we’re ready to tackle it again since we’re big on...

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Take a Piece of Haliburton Forest Home With You

Did you know? Haliburton Forest is not only a great venue for the outdoor lover, but also a...

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Why the Wilderness Retreat Is the New Corporate Retreat

Since the economic downturn a decade ago, business retreats have fallen out of favour in the...

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Corporate Health and Wellness: Find Stress Relief in Outdoor Adventure

It’s a fact of life that work can be stressful. And while everyone has their own stressors that...

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Should Spouses Join You on a Business Trip?

Should significant others, spouses, or family be welcome on a business trip?


If a business...

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When Is the Best Time to Book a Corporate Trip?

Let’s face it—there isn’t really a bad time to celebrate your team by taking a corporate trip....

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How to Build Corporate Wellness Programs Your Entire Team Will Love

Your team members represent a diverse collection of skill sets, competencies, and levels of...

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You Have to Try These Activities at Your Next Team Building Workshop

A strong team—one that communicates well and listens effectively—is an important aspect of your...

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