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The Best Family Vacations Happen at Haliburton Forest

The Best Family Vacations Happen at Haliburton Forest

Family vacations should be about more than lounging by the pool and eating out at restaurants with reasonable kids’ menus. Don’t get us wrong, those things are wonderful, but they don’t make for unforgettable experiences of togetherness.

Exploring the great outdoors, experiencing once-in-a-lifetime activities, learning about the natural environment—this is the stuff of memory-making! And it can all go down at Haliburton Forest, at any time of the year.

Family Vacations Ideas at Any Time of Year

Many of Haliburton Forest’s amazing adventure activities can be enjoyed year round. However, what you might get up to on a particular day can depend on the season. To give you an idea of what family vacations could look like at different times of the year, we’ve divided some of our most popular experiences by summer and winter.

Winter Family Outdoor Adventure Activities:

  • Dog Sledding: Learn to mush like a pro on one-hour, two-hour or all-day tours. Lunch is on us if you book a full day! Follow a professional guide as you drive your own team of sled dogs through the forest—including a crash course on how to direct the dogs and control the sled. It’s a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Ice Fishing: Chase the elusive “Haliburton Gold” Lake Trout, found only in the Haliburton Highlands. All of Haliburton Forest’s wilderness lakes freeze over in the winter—accessible only by snowmobile or ATV—but it’s known as an angler’s delight year round. Need gear? Find everything you need at Base Camp on site. You can also sleep out on the ice in one of our special heated ice fishing bunkies, complete with cooking tools.

Spring, Summer, Fall Family Adventure Activities:

  • Canopy Tours: Heighten your experience (literally!) by experiencing Haliburton Forest from the treetops on the world’s longest canopy boardwalk. Canopy tours also include paddling a Voyageur-style canoe across one of the Forest’s many wilderness lakes, incorporating a bit of family teamwork into the excursion. One of the Forest’s most popular experiences, canopy tours are also great for large groups, as well as corporate groups looking for unique team-building exercises.

Accommodations to Suit Any Group’s Needs

Accommodations are a key part of any family vacation; you need a place to relax and recharge. Haliburton Forest has a wide selection of options for overnight stays during any season, including spacious, private campsites and cabins that can sleep a varying number of guests.

It’s important to note, however, that winter is definitely our busy season when it comes to booking cabins. But fear not, we have plenty of local accommodation partners in the immediate area! Suggestions include:

Book Family Vacations Hassle-Free

Maybe you can’t decide how you want to organize all the activities for your family adventure, or maybe that level of planning drives you crazy. Either way, you can book your trip and leave the rest to us by taking advantage of our Family Adventure Package. All you have to decide is if you’re coming during the week or on a weekend!

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