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The Best Year End Gifts Include a Corporate Employee Wellness Program

The Best Year End Gifts Include a Corporate Employee Wellness Program

Back-to-school season will be upon us soon, then Thanksgiving, and before you know it, you’ll be preparing for your end-of-year party. So while you might be thinking it’s too early to consider what to get your team for an end-of-year thank you, wouldn’t you rather get it done now instead of during the busy fall season?

Some stand-by favourite corporate gifts include:
  • Personalized coffee and travel mugs
  • Water bottles (because office hydration is key!)
  • Something homemade (there’s always a resident baker in every workplace)

And while all of these options are awesome, why not think outside the giftbox this year?

Give the Gift of a Corporate Employee Wellness Program

Gather your team (of 12 or more) and bring them to Haliburton Forest. We’re open year round, so whether your team comes at the end of the year, or you want to wait for warmer weather, there are special, customized activities for everyone to enjoy. In the summer, spring, and fall your group can:

  • Go rock climbing
  • Challenge themselves on the low ropes
  • Take a canopy tour
  • Take a kennel tour

And in the winter they can:

And, of course, enjoy the rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation that comes with being outdoors, in nature.

Don’t Forget Your Summer Interns

Instead of a gift card and a sheet cake, this year, send your summer interns to Haliburton Forest for the day (or longer!) to say thank you and good luck, with fun, sun, and wellness after a long summer of hard work.

Investing in your employees’ wellness is sure to impress your Millennial and Gen Z interns; fulfillment from work and appreciation from employers are important to members of these generations. They also appreciate companies that stand for something, like environmentalism and green initiatives. Haliburton Forest is a sustainable forest that practices and promotes conservation of and appreciation for the natural environment every single day.


Giving the gift of corporate wellness at Haliburton Forest is a great way to show appreciation to your employees and entice your interns to come back and work for you once they’ve graduated. Employees and interns will create lasting memories of their experience—and your company. And you can even give them a special memory that they can take home, like a customized paddle or other woodshop product.

Learn more about how a corporate wellness program can benefit your business. Download the “Take Your Work Outside” infographic and discover how getting outside enhances your corporate wellness program, your employees’ wellbeing, and your business. 

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