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Thinking of Camping Ontario? Try Camping Haliburton Forest

Thinking of Camping Ontario? Try Camping Haliburton Forest

Some of the best camping holidays in Ontario are found right here in the heart of the Haliburton Highlands.

Camping at Haliburton Forest is a different experience from what you’d typically expect at an average private or provincial campground. For starters, our expert team can personalize trips for large groups, bringing a uniqueness to your camping holidays that you won’t find elsewhere.

Our list of reasons why you should visit is more or less never ending, and we don’t have that kind of time. So we’ve pared it down to three major points that we think best represent why camping at Haliburton Forest is some of the best Ontario has to offer.

3 Reasons Why Haliburton Forest Is a Must When Camping Ontario

Haliburton Forest has 22 sites available for tent camping. All sites have space for cars (some can also accommodate small trailers), making the setup and takedown experience a breeze. Campsites all come equipped with a picnic table and an outhouse; shower facilities are located at Base Camp.

Now that the basics are covered, here’s 3 big reasons why Haliburton Forest offers the best camping holidays in Ontario.


#1 Unparalleled Access to the Wilderness

Haliburton Forest campsites are significantly larger and more remote than campsites you’d find at, say, a provincial park. Haliburton Forest encompasses over 100,000 acres of forest, including 300 km of hiking and mountain biking trails, and 100 wilderness lakes for canoeing, fishing and swimming. Camping holidays here are truly an outdoor adventure experience.

#2 All Campsites on the Water

The wilderness is at your doorstep! Swim, canoe and fish right from your campsite. Haliburton Forest does have a variety of rentals available at Base Camp, but you’re welcome to bring your own equipment as well—your paddleboard or kayak, for instance.

#3 Personalized Stays for Large Groups

OK, technically we already mentioned this one. But the ability to customize your camping experience to suit your group’s needs—whether it’s with friends, family or coworkers—isn’t something you’ll find at other campgrounds. Check out our Group Experiences Contact Form to get started planning your stay.

Despite Haliburton Forest’s remote wilderness camping appeal, our amenities also set us apart from other sites. Tired of cooking over a campfire? Visit The Cookhouse restaurant for an evening! We also have accommodation separate from campgrounds; consider our holiday units for a different kind of outdoor experience.

Experience Outdoor Adventure Beyond Your Campsite

Speaking of a different kind of camping experience, Haliburton Forest’s roster of outdoor recreation and education activities can give your camping holidays a real sense of wilderness adventure. Here are some of the activities you could get up to:

So what are you waiting for? Start getting ready for your adventure! Download our FREE packing list—it’ll help you to be completely prepared, no matter what season you choose to visit the Forest.

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