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Top 3 Things to Do on Your Next Winter Getaway

Top 3 Things to Do on Your Next Winter Getaway

Not all of us have the time or the money to hit the beach this winter season.

If there is one thing Canada does well, it’s winter.

So, instead of the frustration and stress of busy airports, long custom lines, and delayed flights, or hearing, “Are we there yet?” for the umpteenth time on your winter road trip, why not embrace winter this year? Plan your next winter getaway in Ontario, Canada.

3 Must Do Things to Make Your Next Winter Getaway the Best Winter Getaway

  1. Rev Your Sled Engine: Looking for an adrenaline rush? Nothing is more exhilarating than flying over crisp snow on a cold winter’s day and viewing the uninterrupted, snow covered countryside on fresh powder. Snowmobiling is a quintessentially Canadian activity. The snowmobiling community is friendly and accessible. Whether you’re a family of sledheads or you’ve never been on the back of a machine before, snowmobiling is an activity for anyone interested in exploring the trails (try to find some of the less traveled snowmobile trails), winter picnics, and bonding with family.
  2. Hike: Dog sledding tours are something you’d expect to have to travel to the far North to do but it’s actually available right in Toronto’s backyard. You don’t have to travel further than Haliburton to learn how to lead a team of beautiful Siberian huskies. Watch your kids (who are 6 years and older) bond with the animals. Master a skill the Inuit people of Canada have been using for thousands of years. Dog sledding is a new physical challenge and you won’t have to contend with boring ski hill lineups when you hook your dogs into their harnesses. This uniquely Canadian experience is bound to make all your friends jealous when you share your pics on social media.

  3. Hit the Ice: Travel by snowmobile or ATV through a winter wonderland to get the Running Water by Snowmobile.jpgmost out of your next ice fishing trip. When you ice fish at Haliburton Forest you get the opportunity to angle for the Haliburton Gold Lake Trout, a unique fish found in only 11 lakes in Haliburton County. Plus spending all day on the ice makes coming indoors and curling up with a fresh cup of hot cocoa even cozier.  

Do All 3 Activities This Winter In One Weekend

You can do all three of these activities in one weekend or come back for a new adventure at Haliburton Forest.

Haliburton Forest’s location at the top of the Algonquin Dome means that there’s always enough snow to enjoy whatever winter activity you want to do. Make sure your group is prepped for every possible scenario with this packing checklist.

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