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Top 5 Tips for Staying Warm Outdoors This Winter

Top 5 Tips for Staying Warm Outdoors This Winter

Your family doesn’t need to be cooped up indoors when it’s cold. To get your family out enjoying themselves even longer, be sure they’re properly dressed for the weather.

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

So, bring on the winter weather. The more it snows, the more you get to play. With so many winter activities at Haliburton Forest, you may never want to leave.

5 Tips for Family Staying Warm Outdoors

1. Keep Moving

Don’t depend on just your clothing to keep you warm, make sure you keep your body moving as well. Remember that kids are smaller and have less body fat, so they lose heat more quickly. Keep kids moving when they get cold. But be sure to maintain a healthy balance between staying active and over exerting yourself as sweat cools down your body temperature and makes you colder.

2. Wear Layers

Layer your clothing to avoid sweating as you move. Start with a quality base layer null(bottom and top) in wool, polyester, silk or nylon (avoid cotton) to wick moisture away from your skin. Then add additional layers according to the weather, which you can peel off as you go when you get too warm . Middle layers can include fleece, polyester, wool, flannel or waffle knits. Add one or more as needed.

3. Wear a Waterproof, Wind-Resistant Outer Layer

Man-made, synthetic fabrics generally work best to keep out wind and moisture. This includes snow-pants too, not just a jacket. Use a parka or heavy down jacket if you will be out for long periods of time. If you are very active, you may need to unzip or remove the outer layer, but don’t forget to put it back on as soon as you stop or take a break. Don’t wait until you feel chilled to zip back up.

4. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Clothes that are too tight can't keep you warm, but clothes that fit a bit loosely create a layer of warm air between your skin and the fabric. The layers of clothing trap that heat and keep it warm.

5. Don't Forget Your Extremities

Wearing hats, mitts, gloves, face warmers, etc. seems like common sense, but lots of kids like to forego these accessories because they don't look cool! Well neither does frostbite! Don’t let your teens or pre-teens go without these essential winter accessories. Be sure your little ones are bundled up too, as well as you and your spouse! A warm family is a happy family.

Dressed for Winter Activities

Now that you’re dressed for staying warm outdoors, see how many winter activities you can check off this ultimate experience bucket list.

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