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Top Winter Activities for Kids at Haliburton Forest

Top Winter Activities for Kids at Haliburton Forest

Winter is coming up quick, and you might be starting to get nervous about spending the next several months cooped up inside. The thought of keeping the whole family occupied without the convenience—and health benefits—of the outdoors can be worrisome.

Don’t worry, we totally relate. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

While the weather is less forgiving, winter shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the natural environment. Haliburton Forest’s 100,000 acres of wilderness offers exhilarating outdoor adventure activities year round, and winter is prime time for some of our most memorable experiences—especially for kids.

Top 3 Winter Activities for Kids at Haliburton Forest

All activities at Haliburton Forest are suitable for all ages, no matter the season. But considering it’s your family you’re looking to engage, here’s our top 3 winter activities for kids.

#1 Dog Sledding

Embrace the season with one of the purest winter sports out there: dog sledding. Learn to mush a team like an expert, and get your kids ready for the ride of a lifetime. Introductory 1-hour tours are available for beginners, plus half-day and full-day experiences (full-day tours include lunch and you must be 16+). If you’re unsure of what to expect, here’s 5 Facts to Know Before Your Family Takes a Dog Sledding Adventure.


#2 Snowshoeing

Unique to winter, snowshoeing allows you to move beyond the Forest’s 300 km of mapped trails, seeing the forest from untouched vantage points. It’s also fantastic exercise! Explore the quiet beauty of Haliburton Forest in the snow, reconnecting with nature and strengthening family bonds.

Note: Snowshoeing is only available to groups of 12 or more—fill out our personalized contact form to start customizing a winter getaway for your family and friends. Group trips are the best way to experience the forest in the most intimate way possible; we pull out all the stops to make your visit as amazing as it can possibly be.

#3 Snowmobiling

Introduce your kids to the thrilling world of snowmobiling, or have them ride behind you as you navigate the forest trails with smooth speed. Check out our Interactive Trail Maps ahead of time to plan your route, and book snowmobile rentals online in advance. Make sure to schedule a stop at one of 5 shelter cabins along the way for a bite to eat or quick break to warm up, and always leave the trails better than how you find them!

Although all three above activities are awesome for the whole family, it might be a challenge to experience them all in one day. Why not make it a winter getaway? Haliburton Forest offers plenty of accommodation options to suit your needs for overnight stays, including amenities such as The Cookhouse restaurant, should you want to avoid cooking on your winter getaway.

Be warned, however, that winter is our busiest time for booking on-site accommodation. But that shouldn’t deter you from planning your winter getaway! There are plenty of available alternative accommodations in the nearby surrounding area.

Ready to start planning an unforgettable family trip packed with fun winter activities?  Don't forget there's also ice fishing, the wolf centre, and more for the kids! Contact our team!

Even More Outdoor Adventure Activities for You and Your Kids

We covered winter, but what about the rest of the year? Download our FREE Ultimate Outdoor Experience Bucket List for a full roster of activities for the whole family. Bonus: you can do them all at Haliburton Forest!

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