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Where to Take Your Team for the Best Fishing Trips

Where to Take Your Team for the Best Fishing Trips

There are a ton of ways to offer team-building workshops but have you ever considered fishing trips? Here’s why you should consider a fishing trip for your next team-building exercise and where to go for the best fishing trips.

Fishing seems like a solitary activity (and it can be if that’s your thing) but it also has great team-building qualities. For example, it can:

  • Inspire some friendly competition, but in a calm and relaxing atmosphere out on the lake (you can even hold a mini fishing derby to encourage it).

  • Put everyone on a level playing field because whether you’re the CEO or the mail guy, in the end, it’s more about whether the fish are biting.

  • Improve communication barriers between team members as they problem-solve trying to catch supper.

  • Create fun memories - everyone wants to snap a picture with the catch of the day and talk about the ones that “got away”...

For the Best Fishing Trips for Your Team Look No Further Than Ontario


Usually people are eager to head down to the Florida Keys or British Columbia to try out some deep sea fishing. While the size of your catch might be enticing, taking your team to Florida or across the country isn’t always a possibility. Plus, when you go deep sea fishing at least some of your crew will often end up developing some deep sea sickness as well.

Take your team fishing in Ontario and save on money as well as on motion sickness. You’ll still get oodles of comradery, fun, and bites. For example, Haliburton Forest has over 100 lakes to offer some of the best fishing trips all year round (You can even rent snowmobiles in winter to reach many of the lakes).

Haliburton Forest’s lakes are well stocked with many types of Trout, like Lake Trout, Brook (Speckled) Trout, and Rainbow Trout, Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, White Sucker, Ling and Yellow Perch so you can bring your team all year round (oh yes, you will want to get your Canadian ice fishing groove on).

A fishing trip doesn’t have to be just for team building. It can also be about entertaining your favourites as a group, or letting them enjoy a new experience solo. Offer an incentive to top performers or give a fishing vacation as a gift to your clients to really impress. Peace and quiet on a pristine lake is a creative way to say thank you.

Make Planning Easy

The How to Plan a Perfect Corporate Adventure ebook makes planning your team’s fishing trip or group incentive easy so even you can focus on the fun to be had.

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