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Why Camping Holidays Beat Out Resort Stays

Why Camping Holidays Beat Out Resort Stays

You’ve done the resort thing, the waterpark thing, the amusement park thing. It’s fun, sure, but you’ve been there and done that and so have your kids (who, let’s face it, can be the toughest crowd you have to please). Not to mention the fact that you usually travel with a group of friends and family who have been there and done all that too.

So what are the options for your next long weekend away?

Camping holidays can be the ultimate spring or summer activity for adults and kids alike. For starters—they’re affordable! But they can also accommodate large groups, and give everyone the freedom to do as they please and the space to do it.

Outdoor recreation experiences like tree top trekking, canoeing and hiking simply can’t be found inside a resort, regardless of its many amenities. Camping holidays, however, can offer these experiences and more. Plus, spending time together away from screens and other distractions can allow for valuable time to deepen bonds with those closest to you.

At Haliburton Forest, for example, there are a ton of different activities your travel group can enjoy together that are bound to create memories you’ll always cherish.

Camping Holidays at Haliburton Forest

Neatly situated between Toronto and Ottawa, Haliburton Forest’s unique experiences are easy to get to despite how far away you’ll feel. With a property of 100,000 acres—including 100 lakes and hundreds of kilometres of trails—you can experience Ontario’s wilderness like nowhere else.

Copy of 20170907_191345Speaking of space: there’s definitely enough room for your entire group. Campsites (including sites outfitted for vehicles and trailers) are more spread out than what you’d find in a provincial park, meaning your group will have plenty of privacy.

If camping isn’t preferred, Haliburton Forest also has several cabin accommodation options to suit your group’s needs.

You can fill out this form to begin customizing your group experience, or get in touch with us to map out your visit, or plan a special event.

Committed to preserving the natural environment, Haliburton Forest was the first forest in Canada to be certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).

More important than where everyone will sleep, however, is what everyone can get up to outside.

Outdoor Recreation at Haliburton Forest

Here are 3 activities at Haliburton Forest that will captivate kids and engage adults, creating memories for everyone.

  1. CSC_0403Canopy Tour: Experience tree top trekking in its true form, high above the forest floor. Challenge yourself on a ropes course, or stick to traversing the canopy boardwalk—the longest one of its kind in the world! This bucket-list-worthy activity allows you to connect with a piece of Canada’s natural history in a unique way.

  2. Astronomy: Be inspired by the stars above, and learn about them at the same time. Our astronomy presentations show you a different night sky than the one you see from your neighbourhood. Groups can also book private tours with our resident astronomer Brian Mould.

  3. Wolf Centre: You won’t find too many opportunities to study Canada’s wildlife at your typical vacation resort. But here you can safely observe wolves in their natural environment—check out 2 of our wolf cams! On site, Haliburton Forest’s Wolf Centre features themed exhibits, a cinema and indoor observatory. Your group can also participate in a wolf howl, getting closer to nature than they’ve ever been by experiencing the social nature of wolves first hand.

By no means does the list of things to do end there. For more ideas on what you and your friends and family could get up to during your stay at the Forest, download the Ultimate Outdoor Experience Bucket List. Learn more reasons why camping holidays top resort stays, and start planning your next adventure.

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