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Why Canada’s Best Campgrounds Are Perfect for Bonding

Why Canada’s Best Campgrounds Are Perfect for Bonding

Have you ever held a birthday party, wedding, or social event where you invited all of your friends but each group kept to itself? Your work friends only spoke to other people from work; your running buddies only chatted with each other about the latest in running shoe design; your gal pals hung out by the cheese board. No one really bonded with each other. You might have thought that turning all of your social circles into one giant social circle was an impossibility. But maybe that’s because you haven’t yet tried camping at one of the best campgrounds Canada has to offer.

How Canada’s Best Campgrounds Make Bonding Easier

Sometimes friends need a bit of a push to go from acquaintances to accomplices, and camping holidays are a great way to do that. Camping takes your friends out of their comfortable environments: work, the running path, your favourite local meet-up spots.

Some friends may have experience camping while for others it might be a first-time outdoor adventure. Camping and all the related activities — collecting firewood, choosing the best locations for tents, finding the best ways to store food — all require the kind of physical activity and teamwork that create strong bonds.


Once you’re set up at Haliburton Forest in Canada’s best campgrounds, your friends won’t get the chance to become cliquish with their own social groups or awkwardly stare across the campfire. With so much to do at Haliburton Forest, they’ll be too busy:

They may even find a little romance.

Challenge Your Friends to Fun

Think your friends might need more help to really have fun together? Download and print out copies of this summertime bucket list and challenge them to complete it. If you can’t get it all done on your first camping holiday you’ll just have to plan another one.

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