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Why Haliburton Forest Is the Perfect Choice for Familiarization Tours

Why Haliburton Forest Is the Perfect Choice for Familiarization Tours

Familiarization tours (or FAM tours) are one of the best ways for travel sellers, destination marketers and media to get first-hand knowledge of what an area has to offer. But they’re tricky to coordinate, and can easily be made to feel rushed to the point where individual experiences become muddled.

That’s not the case at Haliburton Forest. Conveniently located between Toronto and Ottawa—in the heart of the Haliburton Highlands—the Forest can accommodate day trips and overnight stays, both of which offer memorable experiences for guests. There are also plenty of other experiences and destinations in the region to discover, if you’re looking to add multiple stops to your FAM trip, or create an eventual travel package for visitors.

Well equipped for groups of all sizes, Haliburton Forest offers unique experiences year round, so your FAM tour can be scheduled for any season.

3 Reasons to Organize Familiarization Tours at Haliburton Forest

In addition to the amazing location, here are 3 more reasons why Haliburton Forest is the perfect choice for your next FAM tour.

1) Authentic Canadian Experiences for International Visitors

More than 20 million international travellers visited Canada in 2017; people from around the world are clearly interested in experiencing what our country has to offer. With that said, we wouldn’t be surprised if catering to emerging international markets such as China and India was on the top of a travel seller’s wish list.

With its wilderness setting and over 100,000 acres of forest—including 100 wilderness lakes and plenty of observable wildlife—Haliburton Forest can facilitate authentic Canadian experiences for international guests. With the Forest staff’s commitment to sustainability, and passion for the outdoors, visitors are treated to a true taste of Canadian outdoor activities.

Visit the Logging Museum to learn about Haliburton Forest’s history, including its journey to becoming a sustainably sourced saw mill. Explore the night sky during one of our astronomy presentations. Catch a glimpse of Canadian wildlife with a visit to our Wolf Centre: an Ontario signature experience.

The diverse range of activities at Haliburton Forest allows it to facilitate business and leisure travel on an equal level—yet another reason it’s a great destination for familiarization tours.

2) Adventure Tourism Is Growing

The adventure tourism market value is estimated to grow by more than 15% from 2017-2023 (Allied Market Research, 2018), making it a sought-after segment to include in travel itineraries. Haliburton Forest can deliver outdoor adventure tours that showcase the natural beauty of Ontario.

Activities and experiences that can be incorporated into outdoor adventure tours at Haliburton Forest include:Copy of OTMP_HF-8699

  • Canopy tours: Walk amongst the towering forest trees on a winding scenic boardwalk.
  • Canoeing: Rent equipment at Base Camp, then set out on an adventure across scenic wilderness lakes.
  • Hiking: With over 300 km of hiking trails, adventurers of all fitness levels can take in the natural beauty of the forest by exploring its many paths.

3) Accommodation Is Available On Site

FAM tour participants and visitors to Haliburton Forest can come for the day, but we can also accommodate overnight and multi-day trips for both small and large groups.

Choose from a selection of cabins or get really Canadian and try one of our campsites. More experienced adventurers can also arrange for wilderness camping.

Guests staying overnight are welcome to cook for themselves, or can choose to dine at The Cookhouse restaurant. Located at Base Camp, The Cookhouse restaurant is perfect for hosting large groups and special events. Corporate groups are also welcome.

Planning FAM Tours for Business? Download Our Corporate Adventure Ebook

Organizing any kind of business trip is similar to organizing familiarization tours and corporate retreats. We have a resource that can help.

Download our FREE How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Adventure Ebook to find out more about which activities are available in each season and how to effectively coordinate groups and make sure goals are met.

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