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Why Outdoor Adventure Is Perfect for Employee Team Building Workshops

Why Outdoor Adventure Is Perfect for Employee Team Building Workshops

Welcoming a new leader affects business goals as well as day-to-day operations. Fostering better communication among a more experienced team might require some delicate handling. Both are a couple of the many reasons why focusing on team building has a positive impact on your business.

Whether you need to improve a team that’s in trouble, or nurture and celebrate what you know is working, team building workshops can have a profound impact on your team’s morale as well as productivity. And while there’s certainly plenty to be said for hashing things out in a boardroom, the very best way to strengthen your team is through outdoor adventure. Here’s why:

  1. It’s on neutral territory: Chances are you spend most of your professional time in an office or maybe you work remotely and your team doesn’t get to see much of each other face to face. Either way, choosing an outdoor space to plan team building workshops provides a place for everyone to leave any frustrations, resentments, and hierarchies behind. A relaxed atmosphere helps your team work on the outcome you’ve set.

  2. Outdoor facilities create a deeper understanding among co-workers: Whether it’s low ropes challenge course.jpgnavigating a low ropes challenge course or learning to mush sled dogs with a Siberian husky leading your team, chances are everyone will be challenged by something. Co-workers have an opportunity to learn about each other outside of the workplace, they have a shared experience of having performed well together, and they leave liking each other a little bit more. Once you’re back in the workplace, these shared experiences help co-workers better understand how and why people react to certain challenges, what they value, and how it all influences their perceptions. When everyone has a better understanding of each other, the workplace becomes more hospitable and runs smoother even in times of transition or when miscommunications arise.

  3. Outdoor adventure applies to specific work skills: Maybe you want to utilize team building to improve communication, collaboration, or identify potential future leaders. Traditional team building exercises like scavenger hunts or mine fields might  seem boring at first. But when you take the challenge outdoors, ask employees to identify different types of flora and fauna, or navigate the woods, you take them out of their comfort zone, allowing you to observe communication styles or how they approach leadership. Team building is most beneficial when done at the beginning of the week because it allows you to go back to the workplace at the end of the week and apply what everyone has learned in the real-world.

Team Building Workshops Can Happen Anytime

At Haliburton Forest, you can book a team building workshop, reward your team, impress clients, and motivate your staff 365 days a year. No matter what your goals are for your team’s visit, Haliburton Forest has the right balance of activities for every experience level; everything is done with guest safety in mind. Discover why the outdoors is so important for your corporate team with this free infographic and how nature can improve your team’s mental and physical wellbeing.

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