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Why You Should Have Outdoor Adventure During Shoulder Season

Why You Should Have Outdoor Adventure During Shoulder Season

You want to experience authentic outdoor adventure tours, but not necessarily at the same time as everyone else. Plus, you need to make sure you can book accommodation for your entire group, which can get quite big.

Shoulder season is your friend when it comes to beating the crowds, and sometimes even saving a few bucks.

For the uninitiated, shoulder season refers to the periods between popular travel times. In North America, shoulder season typically falls between summer and winter holidays.

Although you can expect more temperate weather conditions, there are a some key benefits to booking outdoor adventure tours during shoulder season.

3 Key Reasons for Booking Outdoor Adventure Tours During Shoulder Season

If a “place to ourselves” vibe is what you’re thinking of when planning outdoor adventure tours for your whole squad, shoulder season might be right for you. Here are 3 key reasons why shoulder season is great for group hiking vacations and outdoor adventure tours.

  1. It’s Cost-Effective: Many getaway spots offer deals and reduced prices during shoulder season. Do your research! Haliburton Forest’s online booking system lets you see specific accommodation prices for different dates, so it’s easy to see what’s available.
  2. It’s Never Crowded: With 100,000 acres Haliburton Forest is never crowded; but booking at less conventional vacation times means your group can avoid any crowds and there’s something to be said for a trip with just you and your group, no one else in sight.
  3. There Are More Accommodation Choices: We mentioned cost-effectiveness, but that only really matters if you can find accommodation and activity options to suit your needs. Booking overnight hiking vacations during shoulder season gives you a great shot at reserving the right space for you.

While one potential downside of booking during shoulder season is possibly compromising on the weather, at Haliburton Forest, you definitely don’t have to compromise on outdoor adventure activities or experiences.

3 Activities to try at Haliburton Forest during shoulder season

The majority of outdoor adventure activities at Haliburton Forest can be experienced year-round, but you might find that some of our most popular ones are best enjoyed with just you and yours.

  1. Canopy Tours: Take in the forest’s breathtaking views with your crew on a canopy tour. Explore the treetops on the world’s longest canopy boardwalk of its kind, and maybe even challenge yourself on the low ropes course—groups of 12 or more are eligible for private tour experiences. Book during shoulder season, September to mid-October, for an even greater chance of a truly exclusive outdoor adventure!
  2. Hiking Vacations: With over 300 km of hiking trails to explore, it’s likely your group will come across more wildlife than people. Plan your route using our Interactive Trail Maps, and navigate trails of varying difficulty according to your experience level. You can even arrange for a special picnic lunch from The Cookhouse Restaurant.
  3. Wolf Centre: Learn about Haliburton Forest’s resident wolf pack with a trip to the Wolf Centre. If you’re visiting with a group larger than 12, you might also consider booking a private Wolf Howl. Remember—Thursday night Wolf Howls in August are free of charge.

To guarantee you get everything you want out of your outdoor adventure tour experiences at Haliburton Forest, fill out our personalized group form, or contact our team.

Is Shoulder Season for You?

Not sure if the shoulder season experience is for you? You’ll never know until you try it. It’s the perfect excuse for you and your honey to spend some always-needed time together and test the waters (we’ve got plenty of it) of shoulder season travel. Download this “Romantic Getaway Package” to make planning your shoulder season romantic getaway easy.

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