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Why You Should Plan a Staycation

Why You Should Plan a Staycation

For anyone less familiar with all the different types of vacations, getaways, sojourns and holiday trips out there, allow us to introduce...the staycation!

What is a staycation? A staycation is a vacation where you stay in your home country (or province, or town, etc.), and enjoy what the local scene has to offer. It’s the vacation everyone needs to take at least once, and here’s 9 reasons why.

9 Reasons to Plan a Staycation

In addition to the following reasons to plan a staycation, we’ve also included some ways you can capitalize on them with a trip to Haliburton Forest.

#1 You Can Explore Your Local Surroundings: Exploring locally can be just as exhilarating as travelling abroad. Haliburton Forest occupies 100,000 acres of pristine wilderness to explore, savour and enjoy. There’s also additional activities and adventure spots in the surrounding region—experience the majestic beauty of Ontario!

#2 You Don’t Have to Travel Long Distances: Even when travelling domestically, flying can take days out of a trip. Haliburton Forest is only about a 3.5-hour drive from both Toronto and Ottawa. Compared to an international flight, your staycation can be underway before that flight overseas has even boarded the plane!

#3 Staycations Are Affordable: For the budget-conscious traveller, staycations can save you serious coin. For example, you can book a weekend’s worth of accommodation at Haliburton Forest for less than plane tickets for a family of four.

#4 Staycations Are Easy to Plan: Forget about complicated itineraries and a paper trail of travel documents, because staycations typically don’t have any of that. At Haliburton Forest we make it easy: book activities online, or contact us to start customizing your perfect staycation adventure.

#5 You Can Avoid Cramped Lines and Busy Attractions: Staycations are a great opportunity to focus on rest and relaxation, neither of which involve crowds of tourists. Experience the serenity of the wilderness at Haliburton Forest, including so many kilometres of trails you might not see another soul, let alone a tour group.

#6 You Can Still Find Adventure: If peace and quiet isn’t your style, staycations can definitely still deliver on excitement. Explore a trove of outdoor adventure experiences year round at Haliburton Forest, such as canopy tours, camping and hiking and mountain biking.

#7 You Might Learn Something New: Learning the history of your local establishments can create an appreciation for where they came from. Haliburton Forest has a rich history its own, but it also offers educational experiences through the Logging Museum and Wolf Centre, among other activities.


#8 There’s No Time Change: No jet lag = winning! Especially when there are children involved…

#9 Staycations Are Pet Friendly: For pet owners, arranging care while on vacation can be stressful enough to avoid leaving altogether. Most staycations can accommodate accompanying pets, Haliburton Forest included. Pet-friendly accommodations are also available for overnight stays. Please note that our on-site cabins book up quickly in the winter time! Fortunately, however, there are lots of alternative accommodations in the local area.

Start Planning a Staycation at Haliburton Forest

Now that you’ve got more than enough reasons, get started planning your staycation at Haliburton Forest. Download our free e-book on How to Plan the Perfect Group Adventure for activity ideas for every season.

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