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Why You Should Use Outdoor Recreation in Training

Why You Should Use Outdoor Recreation in Training

Forests, lakes, and hiking trails don’t immediately come to mind when we think of corporate training or general meetings. But finding a place that can accommodate your training event or team-building workshop and combine it with outdoor recreation has benefits that you might not have considered.

3 Reasons Outdoor Recreation Is Perfect for Your Corporate Group

  1. You can leave distractions behind: When you need to get away from constantly dinging email and never-ending phone calls so you can focus on the important stuff, an off-site location that combines a boardroom or meeting area with the outdoors is the perfect place to do that. Taking staff out of the workplace takes them out of the on-the-go mindset and allows them to focus on the task at hand, like creating a new mission statement, updating the company harassment policy, or evolving the company’s direction.

  2. You can bring a distributed team together: A distributed office is one of the great corporate luxuries of the twenty-first century; it allows your business to cover more territory and reach more people on a domestic or international level, while still allowing your people to stay in touch with each other. But there are times when a distributed office wants to gather face-to-face. When your team has multiple offices and/or members work from home, and you want to bring the team, clients, and/or suppliers together for some necessary bonding time, you need the space to fit them all. Well, nothing is bigger than the great outdoors - and in the right outdoor facility, there’s enough variety that weather doesn't have to affect your plans.

  3. You can combine training and retreat: You might be asking yourself, couldn’t I leave distractions behind in a boardroom? Or, couldn’t a hotel be best? You can have all these things combined, and be outside. When you factor outdoor recreation into your off-site meeting place you have the ability to combine your corporate training or meeting with a corporate retreat or incentive. Outdoor recreation breaks down barriers so that you don’t have to plan an awkward ice-breaker activity. And it has true wellness impact. The outdoors does that for you in a natural, collaborative environment.

Corporate tours.jpgCombining the two also means you’ll save time since you won’t have to plan for and travel to two separate events, and you won’t have to ask your distributed office to come together twice. Going hiking, dog sledding, fishing together allows you to work and play — participate in relaxed team-building exercises and allow staff to have fun without feeling forced.

Haliburton Forest Has the Space for You

Haliburton Forest has 100,000 acres plus group meeting facilities to accommodate any group ready to work, play, or both. There are places to eat and even stay overnight so members of your distributed office don’t have to make the trip for a one day experience. Learn more about why you should bring your workplace to nature with this infographic: How Outdoor Activity Enhances Your Corporate Wellness Program.

You’ll discover:

  • The physical health benefits of the outdoors on your staff
  • The mental health benefits nature provides
  • How important corporate wellness is to company culture

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