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With So Many Winter Activities at Haliburton Forest, You Won’t Be Cold

With So Many Winter Activities at Haliburton Forest, You Won’t Be Cold

Winter is coming. And we couldn’t be more stoked! Haliburton Forest staff love winter. It’s our special opportunity to showcase some of our most popular forest activities. We look forward to welcoming families, couples, schools, corporate and other groups because we have winter fun for everyone. Be sure to dress in layers with insulated, waterproof boots, winter jackets and snow pants. Pack your water bottles and litter-less snacks. Dust off your sense of adventure and get yourself to Haliburton Forest.

All visitors to Haliburton Forest are required to obtain a permit (daily or seasonal) prior to entering the property. With a limited number of passes available, reserve your pass now.

Start Your Haliburton Forest Vacation With Our Top 3 Winter Activities

1. Dog Sledding 

Experience winter adventure and a deep connection to nature close to home. This is the perfect activity for couples, groups, or families with children 6 years old and up. Dog sledding was originally developed by northern Indigenous peoples (in what is now Canada) to transport goods over snow-covered terrain. You can experience dog sledding in Ontario at Haliburton Forest, only a short drive north of Toronto. You’ll get a training session before your dog sled tour and a chance to interact with the canine team afterwards. Try one of these dog sled tours:
introductory: 45 minutes (approximately 10 km),
half: 2–2.5 hours (approximately 20 km), or
full: up to 6 hours (approximately 40–50 km) & includes lunch on the trail.

Or this November and December, learn to be a musher! When the air gets nippy, the 110 Haliburton Forest Siberian Huskies start getting itchy feet. This weekend-long event prepares and conditions our dogs for the upcoming dog sledding season. And it’s the ride of your life!

This active weekend experience includes:

$90 meal voucher to cover 5 meals from breakfast Saturday to lunch Sunday
Private bedroom with shared kitchen, living room, and washroom facilities at Base Camp
Bedding is provided
3 runs with the dogs

Keep your eyes peeled on the Haliburton Forest events page to book your spot. And don’t forget your camera and sense of adventure.

Turn your dog sledding adventure into a romantic weekend getaway. Book accommodations at a cozy B&B or cabin rental. Check out Stouffer Mill B&B, Sunny Rock B&B, Oakview Lodge, Ogopogo Resort, or Safe Haven Resort. If you prefer a chain hotel experience, you’ll appreciate Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre.


2. Ice Fishing

During the winter months, the lakes at Haliburton Forest are only accessible by snowmobile or ATV. Download interactive trail maps to plan your trip. You and your group can enjoy the lake all to yourselves. Be the first to put your line in the lake! Ice fishing offers anglers the opportunity to fish for the unique “Haliburton Gold” Lake Trout, which is only found in 11 lakes in Haliburton County, as well as for Brook (Speckled) Trout and Lake Trout, which are usually more active through the cooler months.

Because of Haliburton Forest’s commitment to conservation, guests can expect a clean and healthy natural environment. Respect for the Haliburton Forest environment improves the experience for all fishers now and in the future. Provincial Fish and Game Laws as well as provincial fishing regulations do apply and will be enforced.

Hooks have been used for fishing since before recorded history in northern Europe and North America. If you’ve never been ice fishing before, you don’t want to miss this popular Canadian activity. You don’t even need to buy or rent a boat, so it costs less than summer fishing to try it out. Get a fishing licence, a small auger to make a hole, and an inexpensive rod and reel from the local hardware or bait store. Then purchase your Haliburton Forest day pass. Ice fishing is a great way to get a group of family or friends together for some outdoor winter socializing. Dress warmly, bring a few minnows for bait and you’re all set! Kids will love peeking through the hole in the ice, trying to be the first to spot a fish. Purchase Haliburton Forest’s Fishing Guide in the main office at Base Camp or request an advance copy by email from info@haliburtonforest.com.

3. Snowmobile Trails & Rentals

Look no further than Haliburton Forest for Ontario’s Premier Snowmobile Trails. Haliburton Forest’s location at the top of the Algonquin Dome means we are uniquely positioned to provide ideal weather conditions for snowmobile adventures. Consistent, reliable snowfall year after year, combined with seasonal temperatures between -4 and -18oC, means when snow falls, it stays on the trails for your enjoyment.

We also offer snowmobile rentals. Our rental fleet consists of over a dozen liquid cooled, ACE Ski-Doos. Each rental includes a full tank of gas. Check out these 4 ways to boost enjoyment of your snowmobile rentals.

Receive a 20% discount when you rent 6 or more snowmobiles.

Be sure to check trail conditions, and plan your route with our Interactive Trail Maps. Insulated, weatherproof boots and full snowmobile suit are recommended for warmth and protection against the elements. Stop for breaks regularly. This is a great family activity, but monitor your kids to be sure they stay warm.

Remember: you need a permit to enter the property. A limited number of passes are available. Book your snowmobile pass now!

Wolf Centre

Visit the Wolf Centre’s large, indoor observatory. It’s a great place to warm up after some outdoor activities. You can almost always catch a glimpse of Haliburton Forest’s wolf pack, as they wander through their 15-acre forested environment. The 5,000-square-foot facility also includes exhibits, cinema, classroom, and retail space. Take some time to learn about the history, habits and habitat of wolves. You can even check out the wolfcams after you’ve returned home.

Warming Up With Great Food and Accommodation

When you finally come in to warm up after all the outdoor fun, there is still lots to do. Sample the amazing food at The Cookhouse licensed restaurant – it’s a great place to reconnect with friends after a full day of winter activities. Group cocktail parties can be arranged at The Cookhouse.

Rent one of our holiday units, a great place to have a cozy Hygge experience (pronounced hue-guh; a Danish lifestyle trend, which involves a feeling of coziness and contentment). Curl up in your cabin at the end of the day to relax with a mug of hot cocoa.

Winter Activities for All Types of Groups

Planning your next winter adventure is a super-easy two-step process.

  1. Find a group of friends, family, or colleagues.
  2. Pick your dates and start scheduling as many winter activities as possible.

We know outdoor recreation is a healthy and fun way to spend our leisure time, but Haliburton Forest is also a great venue for corporate training. Check out this post and video about the Northwest Lexus Team at The Forest.

Download this e-book now to start planning the perfect group adventure for your next get-together.

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