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New Wolf Pups Again This Year

New Wolf Pups Again This Year

by admin

Luna and Fang did it again: Beginning of May 2015 three new wolf pups were born!

Two wolf pups lying on a sweaterThe royal baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, is not the only birth to celebrate! Avid Wolf Centre followers will be just as pleased to hear that the resident Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre wolf pack also gave light to new life on this day (May 2nd 2015)!

Carefully checking the gender of a wolf pupThree pups were born to alpha female, Luna and alpha male, Fang: two males and one female. Staff only today ventured into the enclosure to investigate the numbers and sexes of the pups, with the primary reason being to treat against any parasites. With the unfortunate events last summer - losing three pups due to worms - we wanted to ensure that this does not happen again!

The following short video shows how staff examined the wolf pups, and even provides a peek into the wolf den. Thanks to Midori from Sticks and Stones to create this video for us:



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