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You Have to Try These Activities at Your Next Team Building Workshop

You Have to Try These Activities at Your Next Team Building Workshop

A strong team—one that communicates well and listens effectively—is an important aspect of your company’s overall corporate wellness. 

A team building workshop is meant to:
  • Relieve the stress that surrounds office communications

  • Encourage bonding

  • Help employees get to know each other outside of the office and away from the pressure of work

But we know it can be hard to come up with activities that achieve the purpose of team building, but which don’t involve trust falls or passing the talking stick.

So we’re giving you 4 fresh ideas to include in your next team building workshop.

Our Top 4 Activities for Your Team Building Workshop

  1. Scavenger hunts: a scavenger hunt allows you to combine fresh air with fun challenges. Get your group to take silly pictures of themselves and with each other, so they’ll take themselves less seriously.

  2. Canoe or kayak voyage: pair up co-workers who wouldn’t usually work together. Set up canoe or kayak races for some friendly competition; although sometimes not falling in is the biggest achievement of the day. And don’t forget to wear life jackets!

  3. Corporate fishing trips: have co-workers fish in teams to encourage problem solving. Hold a mini fishing derby and create fun memories with the biggest (and smallest) catch of the day.

  4. nullRock climbing: rock climbing fosters communication and encouragement from team members. Employees can pair up and work together to get each other to the top of a natural rock wall.

Did we mention that you can do all of these activities, as well as any other team building activities you might want, at Haliburton Forest? Haliburton Forest has the space for a scavenger hunt, over 100 lakes to canoe or kayak in or fish from, and a natural rock-climbing wall for your group to challenge themselves under the supervision of professional guides.

Encourage Corporate Wellness Programs for Your Business

Corporate wellness is integral to the mental health of your employees and the productivity of your office. Download this infographic and learn how outdoor activity enhances your corporate wellness program. Then contact us to see how we can help you integrate outdoor activity into your company’s wellness culture.

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